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Tuesday, 08. April 2014

J.D. Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG: New Heavy Duty Air Operated Hoists Addes to J.D. Neuhaus Range

Following an ongoing programme of development and innovation, the hoist and crane specialist J D Neuhaus have introduced further new models into their EH range of air operated monorail hoists. These powerful, robust units provide...[more]

Tuesday, 25. March 2014

Corporate Relocation-JML-Vicon GmbH

JML-Vicon successfully moved it´s facility!About JML-Vicon: JML-Vicon GmbH is focused to care about projects in the Foundry Industry. We like to work out complex projects, which make it necessary to use different technologies. So...[more]

Saturday, 15. March 2014


Materials handling and lifting equipment specialists J D Neuhaus have launched a mobile version of their website designed specifically for smartphones. With mobile phone users currently making-up an estimated 15% of global...[more]

Tuesday, 04. March 2014

RE-Desing & Relaunch of J.D.Neuhaus Heavy Duty Engineering Profi Hoists

As a completion of the re-design project for their Profi range of air operated hoists, the J D Neuhaus company have now launched their new, innovative Profi 75 TI and Profi 100 TI hoists, offering SWL capacities of 75 and 100...[more]

Friday, 28. February 2014

IDRA DieCasting Technology - The Current Newsletter

The GroupIDRA group best partners for quality, robustness and reliabilityIdra group looks at the worldwide markets with confidence and gratification.Strong of its global presence on the market, Idra group perserve the will to put...[more]

Thursday, 27. February 2014

FATA: A Partnership of Synergies

Since 1983 Rhino Machines, has been synonymous to innovation with its technological edge in the field of moulding and sand mixing in India. On the other side of the globe in Italy, FATA has internationally recognised advanced...[more]

Friday, 07. February 2014

O.M.LER 2000: Sales growth for 2013

Positive sales trend continues.In the closing board meeting held last December the final balance of 2013 was presented. O.M.LER 2000 registers a turnover increase again for 2013 compared with 2012 by 11%, thus confirming the...[more]

Tuesday, 14. January 2014

Fochem International: Plunger Beads for High Pressure Die Casting

It is our great pleasure to introduce our latest generation of beads as plunger lubricant. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is now in operation. Based on 40 years of Research & Development, as well as feedback from...[more]

Tuesday, 10. December 2013

Hot and heavy: Konecranes manages Steel Industry challenges with intelligent lifting solutions

Lifting equipment in the steel industry is subjected to the roughest conditions, especially extremely high and variable ambient temperatures, difficult and heavy loads, as well as ever-changing and grueling operations. Konecranes...[more]

Thursday, 14. November 2013


Foundry Solutions & Design (FS&D) meets all expectations at the recent METAL KIELCE, the Polish Foundry Exposition in Kielce, Poland.Exhibiting for the first time at the Metal Kielce in Poland, FS&D was overwhelmed...[more]

Saturday, 12. October 2013

Handling & Lifting Equipment designed for the toughest offshore Enviroments & Engineered for Extremes

The range of robust handling and lifting equipment supplied by the J D Neuhaus company is currently in use around the world on Jack-up rigs, Semi-submersibles, Drill ships and FPSO vessels. Their product range incorporates both...[more]

Friday, 09. August 2013

Around the world in 8 minutes with JDN!

It’s finally finished! After many months in development and production, J.D. Neuhaus is now ready to launch its latest masterpiece. Not a hoist or a crane system this time, but a new film about our company. Shooting took place in...[more]

Monday, 05. August 2013

Improve your castings-FCRI ceramic foam filer

FCRI Ceramic Foam Filters offer the best way to eliminate inclusions, foreign materials that are a major source of quality problems in casting.  and help you meet ever increasing demands for quality.Get rid of...[more]

Monday, 29. July 2013

Shipyard handling solutions from J.D. NEUHAUS

JDN Profi 100 Ti air hoist, part a series of hoists offering lift capacities from 250kg up to 100 tonnes. With nearly 270 years of hoisting technology experience, the J D Neuhaus company have pioneered many substantial...[more]

Monday, 08. July 2013

Watts Inaugurates FS&D Designed Foundry

Watts Water Technologies “cut the ribbon” on its new Franklin, NH foundry where it will exclusively cast lead free products.The plant, inaugurated by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan and company President and CEO David...[more]

Thursday, 27. June 2013

Ajax Tocco Leads the Way in Induction Melting

Since 1916, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic has taught the world how to melt with induction, and the peak efficiencies demanded in today's highly competitive metals industries are achieved with engineered solutions from Ajax Tocco...[more]

Monday, 24. June 2013

ProTEC Marketing: Economic Appraisals and Strategic Planning 2013

Expert Survey in the Steel and Foundry IndustryTechnology and cost management as well as international competitiveness - these are the challenges of the highest priority for strategic objectives for the companies in the steel and...[more]

Saturday, 15. June 2013

JML-ViCon on the Metallurgy-Litmash/Moscow.

Visit us on the METALLURGY-LITMASH 2013 (International Trade Fair for Metallurgy, Machinery, Plant Technology & Products). Our location Hall 3, booth D11. auch verfügbar in: ###COMPANY_LINK###  JML-ViCon GmbH[more]

Thursday, 13. June 2013

Foundry Solutions & Design: A Leading Source of Foundry Engineering

Foundry Solutions & Design, a major North American provider of foundry consulting, engineering, and project management, is currently working with Ellwood Engineered Castings, a leading supplier of gray and ductile iron...[more]

Tuesday, 04. June 2013

JDN Hoists make light Work of loads whatever the working conditions

Injuries within workplace environments can occur when personnel are lifting or moving inappropriately heavy loads. The use of mechanical lifting equipment helps, but can also be time consuming, particularly where rope or chain...[more]

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