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Monday, 03. February 2014

Linn High Therm GmbH: Laboratory furnaces / protective gas furnaces up to 1800 °C

Linn High Therm, leading manufacturer of industrial and lab furnaces since 1969, presents:Fast laboratory furnaces VMK (up to 1800 °C), VMK-S/Vac (up to 1200 °C) for brazing, annealing, ashing, tempering, sintering, reducing,...[more]

Thursday, 14. November 2013


Foundry Solutions & Design (FS&D) meets all expectations at the recent METAL KIELCE, the Polish Foundry Exposition in Kielce, Poland.Exhibiting for the first time at the Metal Kielce in Poland, FS&D was overwhelmed...[more]

Tuesday, 16. July 2013

ITPS 2013: excellent feedback about the Thermprocess Summit

Demand in the industry for networking and opportunities to exchange ideas and information [more]

Monday, 08. July 2013

Watts Inaugurates FS&D Designed Foundry

Watts Water Technologies “cut the ribbon” on its new Franklin, NH foundry where it will exclusively cast lead free products.The plant, inaugurated by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan and company President and CEO David...[more]

Thursday, 27. June 2013

Ajax Tocco Leads the Way in Induction Melting

Since 1916, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic has taught the world how to melt with induction, and the peak efficiencies demanded in today's highly competitive metals industries are achieved with engineered solutions from Ajax Tocco...[more]

Monday, 24. June 2013

ProTEC Marketing: Economic Appraisals and Strategic Planning 2013

Expert Survey in the Steel and Foundry IndustryTechnology and cost management as well as international competitiveness - these are the challenges of the highest priority for strategic objectives for the companies in the steel and...[more]

Thursday, 13. June 2013

Foundry Solutions & Design: A Leading Source of Foundry Engineering

Foundry Solutions & Design, a major North American provider of foundry consulting, engineering, and project management, is currently working with Ellwood Engineered Castings, a leading supplier of gray and ductile iron...[more]

Thursday, 16. May 2013

Co-operation agreement concluded with CAN-ENG Furnaces International Ltd.

The co-operative agreement between OTTO JUNKER GmbH and CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited has laid the groundwork for a further improved, more efficient customer service and advisory support.Thanks to their complimentary...[more]

Thursday, 11. April 2013

FILL: Transparency creates an advantage

Life Cycle Costing Calculator enables an overview of a product or system's lifecycle from a financial perspective.The Life Cycle Costing Calculator (LCCC) provides operators and manufacturers with maximum transparency in...[more]

Tuesday, 20. November 2012

Metalcasting Growth Strategies: How Foundries Make their Money

Foundry strategist, Mike Swartzlander offers perspectives on metalcasting business models and discusses their merits from a growth strategy perspectiveClick here to read more...[more]

Thursday, 25. October 2012

TCT Tesic: New Headquarters Starting in November 2012

TCT Tesic is one of the leaders when it comes to used or refurbished form machinery and melting furnaces. Starting in November 2012, the company will move to a new premises, which is 500 meters away from the former location in...[more]

Tuesday, 23. October 2012

Ankiros Istanbul 2012 and Metalurgia Joinville 2012

Ankiros Istanbul 2012 and Metalurgia Joinville 2012  have been a great success for Künkel Wagner Prozesstechnologie GmbH! Our booths in Turkey and Brazil were very popular among visitors and we would like to thank them all...[more]

Thursday, 18. October 2012

FLOHE High Current Cables…

which are used in both low and medium frequency systems as well as high frequency applications up to 10.000 Hz. Company ProfilsFor more than 60 years, brand FLOHE represents German quality products and a huge range of services...[more]

Wednesday, 26. October 2011

EGES - Professionals’ choice in 42 Countries

Interchangable Double-Freuqency induction Systems[more]

Wednesday, 21. September 2011


StrikoWestofen - Energy-saving wonder [more]

Friday, 02. September 2011


One of the biggest foundries of Izmir and also Turkey, Atik metal foundry has started to make investment a few years ago and they ordered 2 sets of 450 kW-5 MW +2x8 tons Melt & Hold systems from EGES and the complete system...[more]

Tuesday, 09. August 2011

Inductoheat expands fields of competence and services in Europe

  HWG Inductoheat GmbH is changing its name to Inductoheat Europe GmbH. Based in Reichenbach, Germany, the specialist in inductive hardening and heating processes will serve in future as the central port of call in Europe...[more]

Friday, 10. June 2011

General Material Technology GmbH: Conversion of the HART-COAT® plant completed

  Fully automated HART-COAT® plant In the last few months, we have been investing in the full automation of our HART-COAT® plant in Weiterstadt. Customer components can now be coated with greater flexibility, using a...[more]

Wednesday, 02. March 2011

Inductoheat Appoints New VP of Heat Treating

Inductoheat, Inc., an Inductotherm Group company, has appointed Robert Madeira as the Vice President of Heat Treating.  Mr. Madeira has worked in the induction heat treat industry for more than 26 years, most recently as the...[more]

Sunday, 05. September 2010

Nabertherm GmbH

Nabertherm GmbH Nabertherm with 350 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range...[more]

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