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Friday, 17. October 2014

StrikoWestofen GmbH - They´ve got what it takes

Welsh automotive supplier CastAlum relies on StrikoMelter melting furnace technologyStrikoMelter melting furnaces as far as the eye can see: the StrikoWestofen Group (Gummersbach) is currently installing the eleventh system on...[more]

Monday, 13. October 2014

Meltech Ltd Mag-Melt Hydraulic Tilting Furnace

Meltech Ltd features a magnetically screened 500kg Mag-Melt hydraulic tilting furnace with an advanced design incorporating shunt gap technology for improved efficiency and reliability. The video shows the induction furnaces in...[more]

Saturday, 11. October 2014

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Molten Metal Systems

Morgan Offers First One-Piece Silicon Carbide Degassing Rotors Material offers longer life, enhanced performance benefits over traditional graphite optionsMorgan Advanced Materials has announced the launch of its new generation...[more]

Monday, 01. September 2014

Morgan Advanced Materials: Silicon Carbide Degassing Rotors offer Long Life and Enhanced Performance

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced the launch of its new generation of degassing rotors for secondary aluminium processing applications.Building on its extensive experience of materials science and metal casting products,...[more]

Tuesday, 26. August 2014

Meltech Furnace Technology at Newby Foundries Group

Since the installation of the very first 550kW , 1,000Hz Pulsar induction furnace system at Newby foundries in Wednesbury back in August 2011,  Meltech Ltd has been awarded a further two orders comprising of another...[more]

Wednesday, 20. August 2014

Pillar Induction, Heating, Melting & Brazing Overview 2014

Founded in 1966, Pillar is committed to providing total induction solutions in the foundry, tube & pipe, heating, forging, and heat treating markets. Pillar Induction is committed to helping its customers achieve leaner, more...[more]

Monday, 11. August 2014

StrikoMelter: New hot gas baffle

StrikoWestofen reduces energy consumption during melting-free process by about 15 % [more]

Monday, 04. August 2014

Morgan Advanced Materials: Field Trials Reveal Substantial Cost Savings with New Crucibles

Field studies carried out by the Molten Metal Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials reveal that the company’s latest addition to the Syncarb Z2 family of crucibles is achieving substantial cost savings in operational...[more]

Friday, 25. July 2014

General Kinematics: The Ultimate Sprue Handling Machine

ChallengeThe customer had a series of existing metal belt apron conveyors that transported sprue up a large incline. Their system included General Kinematics tunnel conveyors that led up to these apron conveyors. The subsequent...[more]

Thursday, 17. July 2014

OTTO JUNKER GmbH: Success built on innovation and expertise

For more than 90 years, Otto Junker has been defending its leading international role in the manufacture of sophisticated industrial furnace systems for metallurgical applications and as a supplier of 'ready for installation'...[more]

Thursday, 10. July 2014

StrikoWestofen concludes successful business year 2013

Globally regionalNine percent more orders than in the previous year and total sales of 57 million euros (an increase of 21 percent): these are the business figures of the StrikoWestofen Group (Gummersbach) for the year 2013. “For...[more]

Wednesday, 25. June 2014

Monometer Holdings Ltd.: Copper Melting and Refining

MONOMETER’s latest installation in the Ural Mountains of the Russian federation has been successfully completed with commissioning to be carried out over the next few months. Monometer has undertaken the complete design and...[more]

Friday, 06. June 2014

VDMA Thermo Process Technology: World market leader experiences consequences of investment reluctance

Orders received in 2013: order level fell by 17 percent–sales in sector still upEspecially in the first half of 2013, orders received fell severely, on average by 34 percent in January to June compared with the above-average...[more]

Friday, 30. May 2014

71st World Foundry Congress 2014 -Bilbao Spain

The cultural city of Bilbao, Spain was the setting for the 71st World Foundry Congress which took place from the 19th-21st of May at the impressive Euskalduna Conference Center.For those who had never visited Spain before, this...[more]

Monday, 26. May 2014

Inductotherm to exhibit at Metallurgy Litmash/Tube Russia 2014

Inductotherm Group is pleased to announce its participation at the forthcoming Metallurgy Litmash /Tube Russia 2014 Exhibition taking place at the Expocentre, Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow from 3rd to 6th June, 2014....[more]

Thursday, 22. May 2014

Pillar Induction Lift Swing Furnace

The Lift/Swing furnace is an original Pillar design. Used specifically in non-ferrous applications, the two crucible design yields close to 100 percent utilization. The Lift/Swing design employs a stationary crucible design;...[more]

Wednesday, 02. April 2014

Morgan Thermal Ceramics: FireMaster® FireBarrier™ High Performance Fire Protection

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces the availability of its FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135 sprayed refractory cement, which offers superb fire protection and simple, cost effective installation. FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135 is ideal...[more]

Monday, 31. March 2014

Foseco offers new insulating material for dosing furnaces in aluminium foundries

The application of energy-saving dosing furnaces in aluminium foundries is best available technology today. Foseco is now able to supply a new, multi-part and highly insulating lining made of INSURAL, which is delivered ready to...[more]

Sunday, 23. March 2014

New Technical Director at ZPF

ZPF GmbH, the newly established successor of the previously insolvent ZPF therm GmbH and ZPF Services GmbH, has filled the vacant position of a new technical director. Markus Weck, a specialist for business management in...[more]

Thursday, 20. March 2014

StrikoWestofen: Customer service 2.0

StrikoWestofen introduces mobile website and system-specific QR code identificationThe StrikoWestofen Group (Gummersbach, Germany) offers faster system-specific support to their customers. This is made possible by the new mobile...[more]

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