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Tuesday, 01. April 2014

Voxeljet AG: Cost-effective investment casting with 3D printing

Until now, the low volume production of complex parts using investment casting has been associated with long lead-times and potentially high cost. The Schmolz + Bickenbach Guss Gruppe shows that there is another way: It favours...[more]

Thursday, 27. March 2014

3D printing boosts casting operation

Dating back some 2,000 years, sand casting is the epitome of established and traditional manufacture. However, the process is being given a boost by the current buzz-technology, 3D printing.The installation of a large ExOne...[more]

Monday, 17. March 2014

GER - The futuristic car inspired by TURTLES: Super-strong 3D printed design could take to the road in 10 years

German auto firm EDAG unveiled concept car at the Geneva Auto ShowIts internal frame is designed to be 3D printed from a mixture of thermo- plastic materials and carbon fibre for strength and cushioningA conventional metal frame,...[more]

Friday, 14. March 2014

ABB’s Venture Capital Arm Invests in 3D printed Motor Component Maker Persimmon

ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) yesterday announced its 17th investment, a Series B financing of Persimmon Technologies, creator of a new high precision industrial robot and developer of breakthrough 3D printing processes using air...[more]

Friday, 14. March 2014

Why the Metals 3-D Printing Space Is the Place to Be in 2014

If they were making a 2014 version of "The Graduate", the iconic one-word line uttered to Dustin Hoffman's character as advice in where to make his fortune might be "metals". That's because demand for 3-D...[more]

Friday, 14. March 2014

Schenk - The Foundry Manipulator for Greater Safety

With the mobile Foundry Manipulator, you can pour small castings weighing from 10 kg to 300 kg, even into moulds with small openings of approx. 80-100 mm. A thermal imaging camera can optionally take over monitoring of the...[more]

Thursday, 06. March 2014

CA-Photo Release-3D Systems to Fly High at AeroDef 2014

3DS' Quickparts Features 3D Printed 'Fly-Away' Production PartsROCK HILL, 3D Systems announced today that it will be featuring functional 3D printed aerospace parts and assemblies manufactured by its on-demand, cloud-based 3D...[more]

Monday, 03. March 2014

3D printing robot forms freestanding metal structures

Dutch designer Joris Laarman has created a 3D-printing robot that can draw intricate metal structures on almost any surface.The MX3D-Metal is part printer, part welder, with a robotic arm that melts and sculpts a variety of...[more]

Wednesday, 26. February 2014

3D Systems (DDD) to Feature Functional 3-D Printed Aerospace Parts at AeroDef 2014

3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced today that it will be featuring functional 3D printed aerospace parts and assembliesmanufactured by its on-demand, cloud-based 3D printing service, Quickparts, at the AeroDef Manufacturing Summit...[more]

Tuesday, 25. February 2014

UK - 3D printing technology sees a huge growth in demand from start-up businesses

Businesses turn to 3D Print technology for prototyping the trend looks likely to continue throughout 2014 In the past, most start-up companies that wanted to manufacture physical items faced a common problem of producing...[more]

Monday, 24. February 2014

3D printing marks out the future of car making

Boston-based startup Mark One recently announced a 3D printer that can print composite materials. DW looks at how car makers are using the technology and its possible effects.Japan-based car maker Honda has made it easy for...[more]

Monday, 17. February 2014

ESA is 3D-printing moulds for satellite components

(Nanowerk News) ESO has recently utilised the innovative technology of 3D printing [1] to manufacture moulds for the casting of two new telescope components. These are required for the MUSE instrument on ESO's Very Large...[more]

Wednesday, 29. January 2014

Research and Markets: Worldwide 3D Printing Market Forecasts & Opportunities, 2020: SLA, SLS, EBM, FDM, EBM, LOM, 3DP

3D printing is a technique to create 3D objects by placing layer over layer with the help of an additive material and a digital file (CAD). Initially, these models were limited to prototyping purpose but recently 3D printing has...[more]

Wednesday, 22. January 2014

Flow Science Announces Its 14th FLOW-3D European Users Conference

Flow Science, Inc. has announced that it will hold its 14th annual FLOW-3D European Users Conference on June 17-18, 2014 in Vienna, Austria at the NH Danube. Advanced training for the use of FLOW-3D in the water &...[more]

Monday, 09. December 2013

voxeljet: Custom bikes in batch sizes of one

ideas2cycles is an interesting initiative that aims to develop new bike concepts and quickly bring them to market. This idea is driven not by commercial interest, but rather the energy of a young generation: "We want to...[more]

Friday, 29. November 2013

Future technology for everyone: 3D printing at EuroMold 2013

World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development exhibits the latest developments of revolutionary 3D printing technology for private use Joint “DigiFabb” exhibition stand presents innovations and...[more]

Thursday, 14. November 2013


Foundry Solutions & Design (FS&D) meets all expectations at the recent METAL KIELCE, the Polish Foundry Exposition in Kielce, Poland.Exhibiting for the first time at the Metal Kielce in Poland, FS&D was overwhelmed...[more]

Wednesday, 30. October 2013

voxeljet: Experience the world with 3D models

Guide4Blind is a trendsetting project used by Kreis Soest and Wirtschaft & Marketing Soest GmbH to develop new tourism experiences for the visually impaired and blind. Behind the scenes, it is 3D printing technology that...[more]

Friday, 11. October 2013

voxeljet: Imperia GP Roadster – History reinterpreted

There will be a little bit of voxeljet technology in every Imperia GT retro-roadster. Using trend-setting hybrid technology, this Belgian eco-sports car combines pure driving fun with a clear conscience. A hybrid engine with 350...[more]

Tuesday, 01. October 2013

Sand moulds used for laminate templates

The Elefant Racing team of the University of Bayreuth proves that sand moulds from a 3D printer are not just used as metal casts but are also ideally suited for laminate templates. Students at the university are building the new...[more]

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