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Foseco - Ferrous Melt Shop Refractories


Part of Foseco's linings range

The techniques and linings used for metal melting and transfer have a major impact on casting production. They affect the casting quality, productivity, energy consumption, and carbon footprint of the casting producer.

Foseco now offer a full range of solutions for metal melting, ladle transfer and casting Pouring. A variety of exhibits will demonstrate

  • KELLUNDITE furnace linings
  • CRITERION refractory linings with combinations of durability, insulation, ease of cleaning and alloy inertness
  • TRIAD easy to install, cement free refractory systems with accelerated dry out properties
  • KALTEK low density ladle linings for cold start, rapid removal and installation, and optimum temperature control
  • VAPEX and VISO stopper rod and nozzle systems for application  to iron and steel casting production

Jerome Drevin

European Product Manager Linings

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