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Through our representative Company, Cast - EX Sp.z.o.o the following orders were booked for the

ZAO TERMOTRON - ZAVOD firm in Russia / Ukraine

'ZAO TERMOTRON - ZAVOD', a Russian company headquartered in Bryansk, has opted for a Monomelt medium-frequency melting system of standard compact design. The equipment will consist of a 2-tonne coreless furnace as well as the associated 800 kW frequency converter system. It is rated for a melt output of 1.4 tonnes of cast iron per hour. The water re-cooling circuit incorporates an air-to-water heat exchanger. For controlling and operating the installation, a "Basic Control" system will be employed.
It is intended to complete this equipment for shipment to the customer by late October of this year.

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Samuel, 08-06-13 14:51:
As always an eeexllcnt post! பட த த க ண ட இர க கத த ண ட ம நட . இப ப ழ த த ன இந த ய வந த ச ன ற இர க க ற ர கள ப ல ம , அட த த ம ற சந த க க வ ண ட ம :)amas32
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