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28. March 2017

„Deutscher Druckgusstag“, German Die Casting Day 2017

This year’s German Die Casting Day, organized by the German Die Caster’s Association („Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien (VDG)“), in cooperation with the German Foundry Industry Association („Bundesverband der Deutschen...

28. March 2017

Mirjam Jan-Blazic further on leading the Slovenian Foundrymen Society

Mirjam Jan-Blazic, MSc was elected for the next four years and for already fourth mandate by the General Assembly of the Slovenian Foundrymen Society. She is a former long-standing director of the largest Slovenian Die Castings...

24. March 2017

Peace, Freedom, Chances, Democracy and Future

Rome, March 25,2017The Same Age as the European Union On behalf of Foundry-Planet Ltd. I personally would like to congratulate the European people, families, women, men, children, companies, institutions and also politics and...

22. March 2017

WINOA: Value added cleaning through blasting media

Dust, scale and other contaminants in the blasting media can potentially reduce the blasting efficiency. Hence the cleaning of the abrasive has a special importance. Tests clearly show that the abrasion wear on the blast wheels...

21. March 2017

Colosio and CIE Automotive’s broadening collaboration

The Spanish group CIE Automotive, which designs and manufactures components and sub-assemblies involving forging, aluminium injection moulding, casting, machining, plastic injection moulding and stamping technologies in 80 plants...

21. March 2017

Omega Reclamation Plant Available

Nearly new Low Level 15 Reclamation Plant available

19. March 2017

DISA MATCH – making the impossible possible

There is a famous notion that bumble bees can’t fly, but no one ever told the humble bumble bee, because he just carries on regardless."DISA gives us the ability to put to use the latest innovations in foundry technology,...

16. March 2017

Ajax TOCCO Expands Aftermarket Sales Resources

Emil WeatherbeeAjax TOCCO Magnethermic welcomes Emil Weatherbee as an Aftermarket Sales Engineer responsible for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Weatherbee has spent several years within the...

14. March 2017

Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Savelli Technologies S.r.l. and Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc. have signed a long-term partnership agreement

Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Savelli Technologies S.r.l. and Equipment Manufacturers International, Inc. (historical American company specialized also in molding technologies for Foundries) have signed a long-term...

14. March 2017

Magaldi’s Casting Cooling Technology for Aluminium Castings

Nemak, the Mexican leading provider of light-weighting solutions for the global automotive industry, was looking for a reliable technology able to cool down the aluminium cylinder heads produced in its plant in Monterrey.After...

12. March 2017

"I see more opportunities and growth than just compensation for the future"

Interview with CEMAFON President, Dr.-Ing. Ioannis Ioannidis, CEO Oskar Frech GmbH on the Challenges for the Casting Industry

10. March 2017

Sakthi Portugal was inaugurating its brand-new, state-of-the-art, linear nodular iron foundry!

The brand new Sakthi Portugal SP21 company is located in Águeda, Portugal (80km from Oporto). The SP21 unit, a work of art in itself, is a state-of-the-art linear nodular iron foundry, with an installed capacity of 90 KTon that...

08. March 2017

The annual market growth rate of the Chinese die casting industry reaches more than 10%

- European leading die-casting companies rush to participate at CHINA DIECASTING in July - Over 80% of the available space is bookedAbout 3.7 million tons die castings were produced in 2015 according to a Foundry Institution of...

07. March 2017

Innovation in Investment Casting

Remet prides itself on being a technology lead company that continually strives to push the boundaries of the materials that we offer. Our expanding product range offers the caster a wide range of choice when choosing the most...

06. March 2017


Tender Notice - guidelines.pdf Disciplinare Vendita.pdfINVITATION TO SUBMIT IRREVOCABLE PURCHASE BIDAUCTION DATE APRIL 20TH 2017 - 10:00 AM.For auction attendance and sale conditions, please take note of the complete...

05. March 2017

Trennex - Continue to pursue the positive developments in 2017

„2017 will surely be another interesting year for us all. We look forward to working with you and stand ready as a competent and effective partner for all questions­ concerning release agents and lubricants.“Helmut Geiger,...

03. March 2017

Cold Jet GmbH moves to a new ‘Technology Center of Excellence’ for more Customer Proximity and Service

Cold Jet, the world market leader for dry ice cleaning and production system solutions, moved into its new technology center at Obere Industrie Strasse 1 in 54595 Weinsheim, Germany, on February 1, 2017. The new 640m² building is...

02. March 2017

Crushing and Cleaning Sprue Increases Melt Efficiency

Foundries worldwide are turning to DIDION to crush their gates, runners, and sprue as well as clean off the embedded sand before charging into their induction furnaces.  The DIDION® Rotary Sprue Crusher / Cleaner crushes...

01. March 2017

The Dream Team - KUKA robots enable collaboration between humans and robots for quality assurance tasks

MRK-Systeme GmbH, with its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, specializes in industrial solutions that are based on human-robot collaboration. The company enables direct human-robot collaboration – without the need for safety...

28. February 2017

First shot on Bühler Carat cell in the new Chongqing Millison plant

On January 18th 2017 at exactly 11:18 a.m., the first train cover for a transmission case was successfully cast in the new plant of Chongqing Millison Technology Co., Ltd., in the Banan district Chongqing in China.Chongqing...

26. February 2017

Handbook for Induction Ovens a Comprehensive Tool for Foundries

The work-group "Handbuch Induktionsofen" ("Induction Oven Handbook“) came to a successful conclusion at Foundry Service GmbH in Hemer (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany).The participants, including• Herr Werner (Daimler...

24. February 2017

Siemens’ STAR-CCM+ helps predict product performance with digital twin

• Software’s photo-realistic visuals enhance understanding of simulation results• Adaptive Gridding accelerates simulation of combustion models• New Solid Oxide Fuel Cell models used to generate clean electricityThe latest...

22. February 2017

Magaldi’s technologies to conquer the Middle East market

Thanks to the availability of low cost energy, raw material and workforce, the Iranian metal casting market is expected to quickly ramp-up in the near future.To face the growing demand for cast parts, the Iranian boiler...

21. February 2017

Comprehensive service for used and new foundry plants

The TCT Tesic Company is a leading global dealer and service provider of used foundry equipment.The companies’ activities are divided in Foundry Marketing, Foundry Services and Foundry Relocation.Foundry Marketing has its focus...

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