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Tallinn Electrical Engineering Factory ESTEL

Kuuli 6, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


Kuuli 6
11415 Tallinn

TCT Tesic GmbH

Kalthofer Feld 19, 58640 Iserlohn, Germany


Kalthofer Feld 19
58640 Iserlohn

Telephone +49 (0) 2371-7726-0
Fax +49 (0) 2371-7726-10
Email info(at)tct-tesic.com

Press Releases & News

Umfassender Service für gebrauchte und neue Gießereianlagen
Die TCT Tesic GmbH ist ein weltweit führender Händler und Dienstleister von ge...
Comprehensive service for used and new foundry plants
The TCT Tesic Company is a leading global dealer and service provider of used fo...
TCT's new gantry crane: Storage up to 100 sea containers!
New gantry crane, new possibilities! TCT is expanding its logistics with an upgr...



  • Electric melting and holding furnaces (Elektrisch beheizte Schmelzöfen und Warmhalteöfen)
  • Crucible induction furnaces (Induktionstiegelöfen)
  • Channel type induction furnaces (Induktionsrinnenöfen)
  • Crucibles (Schmelztiegel)
  • Moulding machines and plants for bentonite-bonded sands (Formmaschinen und Formanlagen für tongebundene Formen)
  • Moulding machines (Einzelformmaschinen)
  • Moulding plants, flaskless (Formanlagen, kastenlos)
  • Moulding plants with flasks (Formanlagen, kastengebunden)
  • Moulding machines and plants for non bentonite-bonded moulds (Formmaschinen und Formanlagen für nicht tongebundene Formen)
  • Cold-setting resin moulding process, equipment (Kaltharzformverfahren, Einrichtungen)
  • Shell moulding process, equipment (Maskenformverfahren, Einrichtungen)
  • Core making machines and plants (Kernherstellungsmaschinen und Anlagen)
  • Core blowing and shooting machines and plants (Kernblas- und Kernschießmaschinen und Anlagen)
  • Core making machines, other (Kernherstellungsmaschinen, sonstige)
  • Gassing equipment for moulds and cores (Begasungseinrichtungen für Formen und Kerne)
  • Core handling equipment (Kernhandhabungsgeräte)
  • Core treatment equipment (deflashing, coating, drilling), core glueing equipment (Kernbehandlungseinrichtungen (Entgraten, Schlichten, Bohren), Kernklebegeräte)
  • Moulding sand preparation (Formstoffaufbereitung)
  • Moulding sand preparation machines and plants (Formstoffaufbereitungsmaschinen und -anlagen)
  • Moulding sand mixer (Formstoffmischer)
  • Sand reclamation of clay bonded moulding sands (Regenerierung tongebundener Formstoffe)
  • Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands (Regenerierung wasserglas- und zementgebundener Formstoffe)
  • Pouring equipment, heated (pouring furnaces) (Gießeinrichtungen, beheizt (Gießöfen)
  • Manipulators (Handhabungsgeräte)
  • Manipulators, mechanical (Manipulatoren)
  • Dust extraction systems (Entstaubungsanlagen)
  • Mould handling equipment (Formhandhabungsgeräte)
  • Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sans (Regenerierung kunstharzgebundener Formstoffe)


Tovarniska cesta 51, 2342 Ruse, Slovenia


Tovarniska cesta 51
2342 Ruse


Via G. Cantore, 2, 34170 Gorizia, Italia, Italy


Via G. Cantore, 2
34170 Gorizia, Italia

The Schaefer Group Inc.

1500 Humphrey Avenue, OH 45410 Dayton, United States


1500 Humphrey Avenue
OH 45410 Dayton
United States

Telephone 9372533342
Fax 937-253-2306
Email get.info(at)theschaefergroup.com

Press Releases & News

The Schaefer Group Introduces the Schaefer Shield
SCHAEFER SHIELD starts with what is known to be a superior material to the wetti...


The Schaefer Group, Inc. is celebrating its 80th year in business.  Founded by Frank W. Schaefer in 1930 as Plibrico Sales and Service Division of F.W.S., Inc. the business has continued to expand in sales, people, customer base and diversity. Starting out as a refractory sales and service company they quickly began looking at aluminum melting furnace repairs and redesigns in the late 40s which led them into the full marketing and design of furnaces in the late 60s.  Today they are the premier builder of aluminum melting and holding furnaces both fossil fuel and electric.

Richard L. Schaefer (Frank’s son) is the owner and CEO of the company now and presides over 56 employees and four offices in Dayton Ohio; Maumee, OH; and Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY.  The upper management team is David Nelson, COO and VP of Operation for the Furnace Division and Mike Flinn VP of Operations for the F.W.S., Inc. Division.  David White is the National Sales Manager and is responsible for all sales worldwide.

The Schaefer Group, Inc. (SGI) designs, builds and installs world-class aluminum melting and holding furnaces, and molten aluminum delivery systems.  Doing business all over the world The Schaefer Group, Inc. has earned the reputation of a world class organization.

The Schaefer Group, Inc. website is www.theschaefergroup.com You can view types of furnaces, fill out a request for quote and look at the training offered by SGI.

There is probably not another aluminum furnace design and manufacturing firm in the world that has had the proven production experience and innovation design reputation in aluminum casting foundries and die cast shops than that of The Schaefer Group, Inc.  This extends to aluminum melting, holding, and molten metal cleaning.  SGI has world leadership in high pressure die casting systems, lost foam and precision sand casting methodologies.  

With a worldwide network of experience and over 80 years in the business, we can assure you of only the finest in equipment, design, service, materials, and workmanship.

There is no better value than a Schaefer Furnace; These furnaces have a track record And reliability unmatched by any other furnace manufacturer.  They will make your foundry more profitable.  Schaefer Furnace Division of The Schaefer Group, Inc. has established the Standards for Aluminum Furnaces. They are the best you can get!

  • The Schaefer Group Inc.

TKT Hightech Cast Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No.6, Survey No. 254/1, Opposite Chharodi Railway Station, Sanand, Ahmedabad, India


Plot No.6, Survey No. 254/1, Opposite Chharodi Railway Station
Sanand, Ahmedabad

TPESGP Refractories

P.O Titlagarh, 767033 Bolangir, India


P.O Titlagarh
767033 Bolangir

Tribo-Chemie GmbH

Gutenbergstraße 4, 97762 Hammelburg, Germany


Gutenbergstraße 4
97762 Hammelburg

Telephone +4997327838-0
Fax +4997327838-10
Email info(at)tribo-chemie.com

Manufacturing Skills

ISO 14001 Certified
ISO 9001:2008

Press Releases & News

Tribo-Chemie - Forecast 2016
The fourth quarter of 2015 will be used to gear up for Euroguss in early January...
Tribo Chemie – Tribology, release agents and lubricants are our field of competence!
Tribo-Chemie is your competent and reliable partner. We specialise in release ag...
Tribo Chemie - Wir sagen Danke !
Die GIFA, die größte Messe der Gießerei-Branche, ist auch für die Tribo-Chem...


Tribo-Chemie GmbH is your competent and reliable partner for tribology issues. We are specialised in release agents for die casting, forging lubricants and special applications.

Together with our customers we solve technically difficult tasks for already more than 25 years. New recipes with extraordinary raw materials become perfected for our customers’ application.

Our ambition for high environmental compatibility and resource-saving is implemented from the beginning of a new project. A motivated Tribo-team ensures the smooth running, from the development stage to the final delivery, application and introduction of the product at the customer.

Our Graphitex® range of products for forging and Isolat® range of products for die casting are offering technical advantages, e.g. an improved and optimized, stable production process.

Our registered brands Graphitex® and Isolat® are sold world-wide.



  • Tribo-Chemie GmbH
  • Tribo-Chemie GmbH
  • Tribo-Chemie GmbH
  • Tribo-Chemie GmbH


La Agüera s/n, 39409 San Felices de Buelna, Spain


La Agüera s/n
39409 San Felices de Buelna

Press Releases & News

Troostwijk Auctions: View Complete Plant for Sale
Important DataSale of the complete production unit on behalf of the Bankruptcy A...

Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.


Press Releases & News

Troostwijk Auctions is Europe’s largest online auction house and announces an ...
Online Auction Foundry Machinery: Closing Sept 20th
Troostwijk Auctions would like to announce an online auction of 3 induction furn...

Tuthill pumps

12500 South Pulaski Road, 60803 Alsip, IL, United States


12500 South Pulaski Road
60803 Alsip, IL
United States

TVT Termoventiltecnica S.r.l.




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