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Yxlon International GmbH

Essener Bogen 15, 22419 Hamburg, Germany


Essener Bogen 15
22419 Hamburg

Press Releases & News

Christian Gück ist neuer Leiter YXLON Inspection Services und baut die Kundenprüfdienstleistung weltweit aus
Der Diplom-Ingenieur Christian Gück hat die Leitung von YXLON Inspection Servic...
Christian Gück is the new head of YXLON Inspection Services and is going to expand the inspection service worldwide
Christian Gück took over the management of YXLON Inspection Services and will p...
CT & Industry 4.0: User Conference at YXLON highlights new opportunities
During a diversified schedule over two days, the topic “What has CT to do with...
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