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11. October 2009

Giesserei Elsterberg GmbH invests in the future

Giesserei Elsterberg GmbH invests in the future

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The company Giesserei Elsterberg GmbH purchases a new DISA 130-A moulding plant as well as a sand mixer from A/S located in Herlev, Denmark .

The initiation is going to be in the fourth quarter of this year.
Both plants will serve as a replacement for the present machines which arose in the years 1980 and 1969. The company’s aim is not to add additional capacities but to reach a higher process stability.

Since its establishment in 1991 the foundry has made quite a name for oneself, and acknowledged reputation through the casting of complex geometries with high precision and productivity of the DISAMATIC-procedure.

Dimensions of Giesserei Elsterberg GmbH are mainly the small and medium-sized series production. The corporation stands out by its remarkable ability to react quickly on customer’s demands by successfully carrying out orders with short production and delivery periods. The co-owner Matthias Köhler is convinced that the investments are a vital step in regard of guaranteeing the future of the production location and its jobs. With the latter he wants to give his clients confidence by showing them that  a family business is able to operate effectively and continuously, especially in rough times.


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