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1. Leading Edge Technology – Protecting the Environment  
Date: 26-02-19
... improve your process and benefit the environment. Look out for the green badge on our products. remet uk ltd. remet, foundry, wax, investment casting  
2. Remet: Slurry Testing - Common Pitfalls and Mistakes  
Date: 03-04-18
... pertaining thereto. Nothing herein is intended as a recommendation to infringe any patent. REMET UK LTD, slurry, testing, chemicals, foundry, gel test  
3. Remet’s Wax Room  
Date: 09-03-18
...                   “Concept to Casting Partner” REMET UK LTD, remet, wax, foundry, moulding, molding  
4. Innovation in Investment Casting  
Date: 07-03-17
... and support your process in-situ. The team can help set-up, develop and troubleshoot your process. Remet UK Ltd, Remet, FF>>FORM, no sinkage effect, Quikset, EWash, pilot trials, materials analysis and...  
5. Improving Foundry Efficiency Through Shortened Dry Times  
Date: 30-01-17
... construction of most shell moulds and a more efficient shell room, without compromising on quality. Remet UK Ltd, Investment Casting, Adbond® Quikset™, binder additive, shell moulds  
6. Remet UK Welcomes a New Technical Director  
Date: 16-12-16
... are exceptional and allow us to support our customers to the best of our ability.”Source: Remet Remet UK Ltd  
7. REMET: Customer Focus Plus a Winning Formulation  
Date: 08-12-15
... and material technology, in a winning formulation to best serve all in the PIC Industry. Remet UK Ltd  
8. Remet UK - Stresses in a Ceramic Shell in the Investment Casting Industry  
Date: 21-10-14
... and the MOR required to resist shell cracking.Click here to download a copy of the paper now. Remet UK Ltd  
9. Meet the REMET® team at Metallurgy Litmash or EICF Lugano.  
Date: 30-05-14
... external surfaces of liquid and wax and the internal surfaces of refractory and latex particles. Remet UK Ltd  
10. REMET® Investing in the Future of Investment Casting  
Date: 05-05-14
... Excellence can be found on the REMET website – www.remet.com under the Technical Papers tab. Remet UK Ltd  


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