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06. June 2010

High-quality surfaces on “running belt”

High-quality surfaces on “running belt”

High-quality surfaces on “running belt”

Belt blasting machines are a very flexible type of shot-blasting machines.  AGTOS produces belt blasting machines in different sizes and designs. The unit’s details are depending on the characteristic of the work pieces as well as on the integration of the blasting technology into the operating procedure. 

In the concrete industry the units are used to blast concrete blocks, - slabs and -steps. But there are also units for treating divers’ metal pieces up to plastic and aluminum window frames.

The loading and unloading of the machine can manually be made or by means of a handling system or robot. The work pieces are placed on a transport belt. Thus, they are passing through the blasting machine.

Depending on the required blasting quality, turbines with different wheel diameters are applied. Also the motor performances (KW) are varying.  Constant remains the principle. AGTOS works with the so-called single-disc wheels. These wheels have stood the hard praxis test.  The vanes are partially fixed in supporting discs.  Compared with the widespread double-disc wheels the advantages are to be found in shorter assembly times and less wear parts. These methods are decisively contributing to the machine’s efficiency.

Only six vanes are used (compared with eight or more). Compared to other turbines, the AGTOS high performance turbines are characterized by a high abrasive flow rate and thus by an increased blasting performance using the same energy.  A construction which is easy to maintain permits fast services.

AGTOS places particular emphasis on the abrasives recuperation. An air guide adjustable by different controllers is influencing the abrasives cleaning.  That has effects on the blasting result, the re-use of the abrasives and, above all, on the machine’s wearing.  Having handed over the machine the personnel will particularly be trained on it.

Dust and gross particles which are released by the filter and the abrasives cleaning will be collected in a container that is placed on the one side of the blast machine and is provided by the customer. Thus, they can easily be disposed.

The powerful filter unit is equipped with drawers so that the filter cartridges can easily and quickly be changed in the clean air area i.e. outside the unit. Furthermore, constructive means have achieved better cleaning results by using less compressed air.  Also disposal costs have been reduced because only the filter media has to be disposed and not the complete cartridge.

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Author: Ulf Kapitza u.kapitza(at)agtos.de / +49 (0) 2572 960 26 200 


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