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USA - Robotic drossing a safer alternative in steel galvanizing

According to RobotWorx, industrial robots are a safe and cost effective alternative to the manual drossing process used to galvanize steel. It may be noted that, to galvanize steel, workers dip it into molten zinc. During this process, metal oxide forms at the surface of the zinc bath. These impurities, called dross, are removed via skimming, a process also known as drossing. Due to the high temperatures needed to keep the zinc molten, drossing is very hazardous when done manually. Workers have to wear heavy protective clothing to prevent burns, and this can increase the temperatures the workers are subject to.

Robots are therefore useful for drossing, because they can withstand high temperatures and splashes of molten steel. Using robots can also eliminate the risks associated with manual handling. Additionally, robots can carry out the drossing process in a more consistent manner, ensuring the zinc is not wasted, while removing all the dross.

The Nachi SA series of robots and Fanuc models such as the M-710i robots are suited for robotic drossing. Fanuc robots are available in Australia from John Hart.

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