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Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Kolbergerstrasse 22, 81679 München , Germany


Kolbergerstrasse 22
81679 München

Telephone +49 (0)89 99830-0
Fax +49 (0)89 984809
Email info(at)

Press Releases & News

Conference „Guss im Wandel“
The upcoming conference “Guss im Wandel” ("Casting Evolution") from 17 - 18 ...
Guss im Wandel - Mehr Qualität, Effizienz und Innovation
Je leichter, desto besser? Das allein reicht heutzutage nicht aus, um im globale...
The Effects of industrial Changes are becoming more noticeable
Everything in the same week The new Daimler boss Ola Källenius announces massiv...

Cast Metals Institute (CMI)

1695 North Penny Lane, IL 60173 Schaumburg, United States


1695 North Penny Lane
IL 60173 Schaumburg
United States

Telephone 800/537-4237
Fax 847/824-2174

Castings Technology International (CTI)

Advanced Manufacturing Park, Brunel Way, S60 5WG, Rotherham, United Kingdom


Advanced Manufacturing Park, Brunel Way
S60 5WG, Rotherham
United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0)114 2541144
Fax +44 (0)114 2541155
Email info(at)

Press Releases & News

A Deal Made in Sheffield with a Local Cast
Castings Technology International Ltd (CTI) is a world-leading provider of manuf...

Center for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam

Rua António da Silva Brinco, 265, 3750-122 Águeda, Portugal


Rua António da Silva Brinco, 265
3750-122 Águeda

Telephone +351 234 249 983
Fax +351 967 359 745

Press Releases & News

Foundry on Wheels addresses a weak Economy, Trade Crises, Climate Protection and general Consumer Uncertainty
Despite difficult signs, experts from several countries met for the second editi...
Foundry on Wheels Congress - 17th - 18th October 2019 - Agueda, Portugal
Foundry on Wheels - Bringing Automotive and Foundry Together The event's main p...
Foundry on Wheels – Bringing Automotive and Foundry together in Portugal
In 2017 CITNM in Portugal presented the first edition of “Foundry on Wheels”...

Centre Technique des Industries de la Fonderie (CTIF)

44 avenue de la Division Leclerc, F-92318 SEVRES CEDEX, France


44 avenue de la Division Leclerc

Telephone 33(0)1 41 14 63 00
Fax 33(0)1 45 34 14 34

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