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11. ASK Chemicals Foundry Solution India Pvt. Ltd.: Visit us at IFEX 2013  
Date: 18-01-13
... at IFEX 2013Hall D / Booth: 30 ###COMPANY_LINK### ASK Chemicals Foundry Solution India Pvt. Ltd. ASK Chemicals GmbH  
12. New Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ASK Chemicals  
Date: 05-08-13
... Following a decision of the supervisory board of ASK Chemicals GmbH, Peter Steiner (53), has been named the new Chairman of the supervisory board. He has been a member of the board since the past year. In this role he...  
13. ASK Chemicals will take over the business of the industrial resins of the SI Group  
Date: 10-07-19
... opportunities."  ASK Chemicals adquire o negócio de resinas industriais do SI Group ASK Chemicals GmbH  
14. ASK Chemicals GmbH | Advances in Riser Design Improves Steel Casting Quality  
Date: 13-04-11
... casting costs. Click here for further Information and Contact to ASK Chemicals GmbH in our Suppliers Profile ASK Chemicals GmbH  
15. ASK Chemicals invests in new manufacturing facility in India  
Date: 05-12-12
... whole of India with its innovative products and services. auch verfügbar in ###COMPANY_LINK### ASK Chemicals GmbH  
16. ASK Chemicals to increase prices for cold-box and no-bake binders  
Date: 30-05-17
... to continue offering the high performance products and services its customers expect.Source: ASK ASK Chemicals GmbH, cold-box, no-bake binders, Raw material, organic binder systems, ask, MDI  
17. ASK Chemicals GmbH: Designing optimal production processes - with customer-tailored solutions  
Date: 29-05-15
... expertise has become more important than ever in today’s highly competitive casting industry. ASK Chemicals GmbH  
18. ASK Chemicals honored with BMW Innovation Award for Sustainability  
Date: 10-11-14
... on an industrial scale,” commented Frank Coenen, CEO of ASK Chemicals, on accepting the award. ASK Chemicals GmbH  
19. ASK Chemicals GmbH: Strong Innovation Processes in Foundries  
Date: 16-04-14
... from casting to assembly-ready products. also available in:   ###COMPANY_LINK###  ASK Chemicals GmbH ASK Chemicals GmbH  
20. Clariant and Ashland to sell ASK Chemicals JV to Rhône  
Date: 09-04-14
... relationships, global manufacturing base and talented personnel." ###COMPANY_LINK###   ASK Chemicals GmbH ASK Chemicals GmbH  
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