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1. Exhibitor List  
Date: 27-11-18
... Ltd. IND MUMBAI 11 G57-5 Asia Bentonite Co., Ltd. in Chaoyang PRC BEIJING 16 C34-3 ASK Chemicals GmbH D HILDEN 12 A22 Asko Inc. USA HOMESTEAD, PA 04 C26 Aslar Pres Döküm San. Ve...  
2. Nothing is Impossible – Advancements in the Field of Inorganic Binder Systems  
Date: 21-05-15
... Martin Oberleiter, Henning Zupan, Hannes Lincke, Ronja Resch, Jörg Körschgen and Axel Kasperowski, ASK Chemicals GmbH HildenAbstractOdorless core production, odor-reduced casting, significantly less cleaning...  
3. Inoculation of Cast Iron  
Date: 06-01-13
... evaluation options for assessing the inoculation result.also available in ###COMPANY_LINK### ASK Chemicals GmbH  
4. 2015-05  
Date: 16-12-15
...   30. May 2015     ASK Chemicals GmbH: Designing optimal production processes - with customer-tailored solutions For quite...  
5. A New Sand Additive to Control Veining and Eliminate the Need for Refractory Coatings  
Date: 02-09-12
... Congress Proceedings, 11-005European Patent 027700038 also available in  ###COMPANY_LINK### ASK Chemicals GmbH ASK Chemicals GmbH  
6. ASK: Inorganic core production in foundries  
Date: 05-06-18
... of inorganic core production. Further information is available at: www.ask-chemicals.com ASK Chemicals GmbH, inorganic core, foundry  
7. German Foundry Day 2013: German Foundries Cautiously Optimistic of Economic Situation  
Date: 02-05-13
... nicht, gibt´s nicht – Neue Entwicklungenim Bereich anorganischer BindemittelsystemeDr. Jens Müller, ASK Chemicals GmbH, HildenDiskussionsleiter:Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Röders, G.A. Röders GmbH & Co.KG,...  
8. „The world of cast iron materials – Diversity for the future“, 2nd International Conference  
Date: 08-01-15
... defect "white film" and relevant solution proposals by Dr.-Ing. Ekaterina Potaturina, ASK Chemicals GmbH, Wülfrath, GermanyControlled Shot Peening - Applications and examples from large-scale...  
9. ASK - That certain something in the casting process  
Date: 25-10-17
... 3010[2] Recknagel, U.; GIESSEREI RUNDSCHAU 56 (2009); p. 6 ff. (Foundry Review, in German) ASK Chemicals GmbH, release agents, binders, casting, foundry, coated sand, additives, organic, cold-box...  
10. 2015-04  
Date: 16-12-15
...   22. April 2015   ASK Chemicals GmbH: Environmentally Friendly and Highly Efficient Binder Systems for Self-Curing –...  
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