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Audi commissions Ecomelt furnaces

The automobile manufacturer Audi has successfully commissioned two Ecomelt melting furnaces from Hertwich Engineering, Austria. The two furnaces of the type Ecomelt PR-50 supply liquid metal to the newly set up die-casting line in Münchsmünster. Audi chose the two Hertwich furnaces in order to meet the high demands of melting small-sized scrap.
The Ecomelt melting furnaces provide particularly efficient melting operation. Energy consumption is low, thanks in part to the automation technology. The high performance Ecomelt PR-50 heating system warms the batch thoroughly before the melting process. This results in low metal loss and good metal quality. The two melting furnaces produce 100 tonnes of liquid metal every day at Audi. Included in the product from Hertwich are a multi-container feed system, crucibles, tanks and a crucible feeding and treatment station.

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