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Fondarex - The use of vacuum technology in the die-casting

Effectively improvement of the product quality with vacuum systems

Die-casting parts can be found in almost all areas of life - whether in the auto industry, sanitary, household, aircraft and electronics industries. The Fondarex SA, located on Lake Geneva in St-Légier, who specializes in the vacuum die-casting technology. Initially founded in 1946 as a foundry, the Swiss family has become the market leader in vacuum systems for the die casting industry. And not without reason.

Fondarex GebäudeFondarex Atelier
View of the production hall, where the vacuum systems are custom configured.
K. Baumgartner
President of Fondarex SA, Konrad Baumgartner.
HighVac Premium
Vakuum unit HIGHVAC Premium®
Supervac Ventil
Vacuum valve Supervac®-series
Aluminium gear part

Course of a controlled vacuum die-casting process

Red - the air and gas pressure rise during the filling phase, air and gases are trapped in the part to be produced.
Blue - vacuum and minimal air and gas content in the cavity. Pore​​-free cast, and best density structure of the part to be produced.

Ohne und mit Vakuum
Machined surface of a pressure casting, which was without (top) and with vacuum treatment (bottom) were prepared.
Mitarbeiter RDW
The Regensburg Druckgusswerk Wolf GmbH uses many Fondarex vacuum systems.
The Fondarex Department advises its customers for applications in the design of the vacuum channels

Introduce itself clean and bright building and production hall, to be configured in the vacuum systems for various customer needs around the world (1). That is paying attention to the highest quality and the proverbial Swiss precision, of course by itself "To our corporate philosophy includes in addition to our excellent, global customer service, and adherence to strict quality standards, the ongoing development of our products and our customers with economical solutions," explains Konrad Baumgartner, president of Fondarex SA (2).

High quality products are in addition to the SA Fondarex known pulse-vacuum valve product line Supervac ®-P is the vacuum systems of the product lines HIGHVAC Premium ®, and Progress ® Economy ®, present themselves in a sophisticated yet very sturdy stainless steel design.

Fondarex will present at the GIFA 2011, 28 June to 2 July 2011 in Düsseldorf in hall 11, booth D36 its new products. Also customized central vacuum systems for cold and hot chamber die-casting machines are part of the portfolio of the Swiss company. (3).

In addition to medium-pressure casting companies, about 50% of clients in the automotive industry, rely on the proven vacuum technology. Especially in the production of structural parts, respect them explicitly to non-porous and high-quality cast. Also included here are large, thin-walled castings with complex geometry, which are not only in modern aluminum bodies, gears and motors use (4).

Many companies also produce surface components and thus visible parts, which make any mistakes in the cast, as they may emerge later with a surface finish even more. Here also vacuum systems are used to create a controlled vacuum in the mold and thus avoid the entrapment of air and gases in the casting (5).

Optimal Process Safety

Vacuum systems shall offer the series HIGHVAC Premium ® 200, 500, 800 and its Central user numerous functional parameters, such as pollution control, profile control, vacuum measurement in the cavity and control of the exhausted air volume. The individual vacuum systems that are modular product line, control the vacuum valves and vacuum venting all types of plates. Long have also proven themselves to two independently operated and controlled vacuum channels, which ensure more reliable production.

The command and control of individual parameters via a high-quality Siemens color touch panel, which made ​​possible through a built-in memory accurate documentation of all production-relevant data from 1000 income. Who would have documented every shot of the total production, can choose between a data recording via USB flash drive or a computer with Internet connection. All recorded data and print graphs can also be easily transferred to the die-casting machine.

Already in 1997, Fondarex had patented the chamber venting. Today the company is the market leader for economic and technologically efficient solutions around the evacuation of air and gases from the cavity and from the casting chamber.

Higher Quality And Improved Economy

Practical experience shows that, due to application of vacuum, clean and non-porous surfaces at low pressure castings, which are in structural components and complex applications of enormous importance. These castings are not only sweat and curable, but can also be easily heat-(T5, T6) and surface-treated. Thus comes the application of vacuum technology is not only the foundry, but also good for the customer, ultimately the product of a higher quality (6).

The economic advantages that favor the use of vacuum systems are clear for all to see: less waste, and protect the die casting pressures by reducing the specific minimum air back pressure in the cavity. Therefore it is no wonder that more and more companies this technology to produce economical and competitive to be able to.

Even the die casting plant in Regensburg Wolf GmbH has numerous Fondarex vacuum systems in use. It was founded 60 years ago and for 20 years with multiple production sites established companies and the company Prec-Cast are among the renowned die-cast supplier. In addition to its own tool and die casting, the Regensburg plants have recently installed a die-casting the 2800-ton class at the current location. The company has since 2011 qualified as a reliable supplier of structural parts for the automotive sector (7).


Upgraded to a foundry in vacuum systems, it is a must the dies are modified accordingly. Must be adjusted individually for each form since the vacuum channels to the best possible evacuation of air and gases to ensure the shape which advises the Department for applications in the home Fondarex their customers in the design of the vacuum channels to the desired shape (8).

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Hall 11 Booth D36

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Fondarex SA is a leading manufacturer in Vacuum moulding process, Vacuum die casting machinery and Peripheral equipment and auxilary materials for die casting, for further information and contact details click here: Fondarex SA



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