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GER - Search for Potential Investors in Precision Casting

At the beginning of May 2012 the board of directors of the Eifelwerk Präzisionsgusstechnik GmbH in Eichelhard Germany made legal steps towards the insolvency of EIFFELWERK GROUP. Lawyer, Jörg A. Wunderlich was appointed as the the preliminary insolvency administrator.

The Eifelwerk Präzisionsgusstechnik is a small and specialized light metal foundry which manufactures sand permanent molds, particularly magnesium cast products for the automotive industry. The company as a whole consists of 45 employees.
The investors objective of the process is to sell business operations of the foundry to a strategic established acquirer. The foundry being acquired is complemented with the Eifelwerk Modell and Werkzeugbau GmbH which contributes to the range of services of the foundry in the areas of construction, mould making, mechanical workmanship and end product development.
Potential interested investors of the acquisition are handled through Mr. Uwe Borgers of Mentor AG.

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