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MX - New steel standards announced for Mexican steel industry

The Mexican Ministry of Economy published the declaration of force regarding 6 Mexican standards relating to the steel industry.

They have been prepared, approved and published as Mexican standard projects under the responsibility of the National Chamber of Industry Iron and Steel (Canacero), which offers information about producers, distributors, consumers and the general public.

Thus, the standards ASTM-A-169-CANACERO-2012, ASTM-A-221-CANACERO-2012, ASTM-A-223-CANACERO-2012, NMX-H-097-CANACERO-2012, ASTM-A-320- CANACERO-2012 and ASTM-A-293-CANACERO-2012 will come into force 60 days after its publication in the Official Journal.

The ASTM-A-169-2012-CANACERO established sampling techniques to determine the particle size and the chemical composition of all kinds of alloys, before and after embarking on the manufacturer's plant.

The standard ASTM-A-221-CANACERO-2012 details the characteristics to be met by 6 degrees of ferroboron, designated as Al, A2, Bl, B2, CI and C2, used in the steel industry and foundry.

In turn, the standard ASTM-A-223-2012-CANACERO indicates the specifications and test methods of the requirements for grades of ferro-silicon, designated A and B, used in the same industry.

Source: steelguru.com

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