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Oman - GUtech students introduced to Aachen University’s tech marvels

A group of 15 students and two staff members of the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) travelled to RWTH Aachen University in Germany recently. The students attended a three weeks language and culture course at the Language Center of RWTH Aachen University and were also introduced to different departments of the university. ”The trip to Germany was one of the best trips, it showed us so much about not only the German culture but also the culture of the Netherlands and it made us talk about Oman to those who don’t know our home-country or have never heard of Oman before,” said Marwa al Riyami, Bsc Applied Geosciences.

At RWTH Aachen University, the students visited the Process Engineering department, where they were introduced to a project on “Taylor-made Fuels from Biomass”. The aim of this project is to produce fuel from plants, such as trees. The entire project was shown in steps so that we can understand better. We were all very impressed by this project,” said Mahmood al Ruqaishi, BEng Process Engineering. Another day the group was introduced to the department of Computer Sciences, which has a Virtual Reality Center, called “The Cave”, there they experienced a 3D city. “The Cave is a small room made by a special controlling 3D glass with six antennas (sensors) and a remote control. The person who’s wearing that is controlling everything. When he enters in the room, he can see a city.

You can see a real 3 dimensional view — not a 3D movie in the cinema. When we went into the Cave, we saw a city and walked in between the buildings. It was almost like walking through a real city. The movement of the person is important because of the sensors and the view. For example to see a small building behind a huge building you have to walk to the corner of the huge building to see it. When you are inside, you experience the reality of that place. It was an amazing real 3D vision and all of us liked it,” said Ruba al Subhi, Bsc Computer Sciences. The students also visited the Urban Planning and Architectural Design department of RWTH Aachen University.

Source: omanobserver.om

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