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The Rising star of Induction Furnace Technology

Solution Partner for Complete mini steel plants to produce billets, on turn key basis

Since 1975, EGES  has produced specially designed induction furnaces to produce steel billets. Starting from 2006, Eges has also designed and constructed complete mini steel plants capacity up to 500 000 ton per year on turn key basis. Projects include:  MF induction melting furnaces, CCM (continuous casting machine), LRF (ladle refining furnace), cranes, laboratory equipment, and all necessary auxiliary equipment.

The scrap collected by the truck or railway car is accumulated and arranged by the Gantry Crane at the scrap yard. The scrap is loaded to the charging bucket by the help of necessary ton capacity Charging Crane (Bucket Crane). The loading is realized by magnet that hanging of hook of crane and is operated also by Crane operator. The second Crane (Charging Crane) is used for loading into the furnace crucible by the bucket. Melting Unit comes into being as two independent separately melting and holding systems. Therefore the loaded buckets are carried by the Charging Crane to furnaces one by one in order.

Two Melting and Holding systems provide molten metal within 30-40 minutes by the reason of the tap to tap. The slag on the top of Molten Metal is cleaned by the operator, and at the same time the temperature of molten metal is increased up to 1700 ° C by the Induction Melting system. In order to carry Molten Metal it is used the Ladle with slide gate system.

After all process at the EIF system are completed, the Ladle is carried to the Continuous Cast Machine by the Crane. CCM which has been equipped by the turret system carries out non-stop producing steel billet. And also Steel billet size depends on assembled mould size as 100x100,125x125 or 130x130. Normally CCM has been equipped to use different mould sizes between 100 and 200 mm. In order to manage tap to tap producing steel billets and to reach the target capacity (as per day) the CCM is designed with one, two, three or more strands. The length of steel billets is cut automatically by the Mechanical Cutting Equipment by which CCM is equipped for the length 3 or 6 meters during stripping on the strands. After that steel billets come to the cooling platform cooled by water. The cooled steel billets are carried by the necessary ton capacity Crane through to stocking area.

EGES is your solution Partner for Complete mini steel plants to produce billets, on turn key basis. We have the metallurgical know how and technical training can be given.

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