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USA - SupplierBusiness Automotive Metalcasting Report

Examines Current Industry and Assesses Considerable Change to Come

The new Automotive Metalcasting Report prepared by SupplierBusiness is a definitive market review that includes a detailed survey of metalcasters' views of the industry, and details the likely changes in the automotive industry and their implications right up to 2012.

Considerable change is currently underway. The production map of the global automotive industry is re-focusing on emerging markets and production in lower-cost countries. At the same time, global legislators are requiring the automotive sector to find solutions to the environmental problems posed by greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. And all of this in a highly competitive and price-sensitive context, where customers are demanding more equipment, better performance and greater fuel economy from their vehicles.

The Report Includes:
    --  Reviews of current industry trends, the roles of technology and how the usage of metal is evolving
    --  A forecast for the global Automotive Market 2008-2012
    --  Detailed regional reviews for North America, Europe and Asia
    --  Company profiles of all the major players in the industry
    --  A global supplier directory.


Despite being under pressure from overseas competition and the climbing costs of raw materials, energy and labor, automotive metalcasters have a great opportunity to grow in the next few years. This is because OEMs are looking for solutions which reduce costs and meet the requirements of environmental legislation. And since a high proportion of a modern car is built with cast parts, castings suppliers who offer such solutions can grow their business.

For example, engineering solutions are needed which reduce weight, improve fuel economy and decrease emissions. Such solutions rely on metalcasters being able to make more complex parts from new light-weight alloys of magnesium, zinc, aluminium and steel.

Thinner, lighter-weight cast parts made using advanced techniques are appearing. These parts use less raw material and so are lighter and cheaper. And since these sophisticated castings can incorporate in a single component, features and functions which in the past needed to be added later in a separate production process - adding undesirable time, cost and weight - these new casting techniques offer multiple benefits to OEMs and their suppliers. Also, new applications for cast parts are emerging. For example, crash resistant structural components made from cast metal have been developed in the drive for weight reduction, and these have successfully been introduced.

Innovation has become the key to the future for suppliers and OEMs alike. And automotive metalcasting is at the forefront of this development. The Automotive Metalcasting report is a vital resource for anyone who wishes to take a look at the current state and future prospects of the industry.

To purchase the downloadable Metalcasting Report you can visit the NADCA website at: http://www.diecasting.org/publications. Item #: 416

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