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ZOLLERN launches own torque drives

Energy-efficient precision drives

After a development period of one year, ZOLLERN has launched its own range of torque motors on the market. They are available in standard sizes of 160 mm to 2,200 mm in diameter and achieve torques of 9 to 58,000 Nm. Other sizes and performance levels are also available on request.

Stator unit of the ZOLLERN torque motor


Rotor unit of the ZOLLERN torque motor

Patrick Trolliet developer and Head of Direct
Drives Product Group

What prompted ZOLLERN to develop and manufacture its own torque motors was the demand within the Group itself for precision drives. The direct drives previously available on the market were not entirely suitable for the hydrostatic and aerostatic-bearing rotary tables in the ZOLLERN product range. In particular, the power parameters, application variability and prices were unsatisfactory. Here's what Patrick Trolliet, the developer and Head of Direct Drives says on the subject: “We started designing our motors when our colleagues demanded drives with excellent quality of control that conduct as little heat as possible into the surrounding components. So we produced these torque motors, and now they're not only used in our own group. In fact, we sold more than seventy of them even before the market launch. The customer response has been extremely positive."

What makes these new motors especially attractive is the extremely low torque ripple of less than 0.6 percent, which ensures even rotation. The technical reason is a much higher number of poles, in other words more coils and magnets inside the motors than in comparable motors on the market.

Highly competitive value for money

Using a larger number of coils and magnets requires only a little more material and material costs. And a newly developed, simpler manufacturing process more than makes up for the extra cost, so that these motors with above-average performance can usually be sold at below normal market prices. The positioning accuracy of the motors is less than 3 angular seconds, and the torque is constant up to double the nominal rate of rotation. The simple manufacturing process makes it easy to customise the motor parameters. That means these ZOLLERN motors can be readily adapted to specific applications, and customers don't have to compromise with standard solutions.

Energy efficiency included

Apart from the excellent performance figures and return on investment, the design of the motors also cuts energy consumption. Comparisons have shown that at nominal load the ZOLLERN motors operate at up to 25 percent less power loss. The heat development and electricity consumption are correspondingly lower. For motors of the same power class, the rated current of the torque motors from ZOLLERN is around 15 percent lower.

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