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18. May 2007

Krasnoyarsk Territory starts building Boguchany aluminum plant

Krasnoyarsk Territory  - The GidroOGK Company (branch of the Unified Energy Systems of Russia Corporation) and the merged Rossiisky Alyuminy Company have started building a Boguchany aluminum plant.

The stone-laying ceremony which was held on Tuesday, was attended by Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Khloponin, head of the Unified Energy Systems of Russia Corporation (RAO UES) Anatoly Chubais, board member of Rossiisky Alyuminy Oleg Deripaska, GidroOGK head Vyacheslav Sinyugin and managing director of the merged company Alexander Bulygin.

The plant with the annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes of aluminum will join the quintet of the largest Russian factories. The volume of investments in the plant’s construction will total 2.3 million US dollars. However, according to Bulygin, the project cost can be slashed down thanks to saving efforts.

The territorial governor noted that “the country’s industrial development will be flagged off from here, from Siberia’s center”. In turn, Chubais emphasized that the project is not only unique for its scale, but also for state and private partnership. According to the corporation chief, “this is a salient event for Russian business as a whole. This is a new stage for Russian business which started with crimson jackets in the past and will build now factories and hydropower stations”.

Chubais is sure that “we shall witness dozens of such examples of implementing large-scale projects in the near and distant future, and this will be a new stage in the country’s development, based on private property and the reform, carried out in the 1990s”.

Speaking at the ceremony, head of the merged Russian Aluminium Company stressed that “this project is unique not only for its technical possibilities and economic indicators, but also for possibilities to be created for people”. He explained that over 100 contractors and more than 200 organizations which will supply equipment and materials in the Krasnoyarsk Territory alone, will be involved in implementing the project on building the Boguchany aluminum plant.

In Bulygin’s words, the enterprise will create over 3,000 new jobs with the wages of around 30,000 roubles a month. It is planned that people from nearby towns and villages will be invited, above all, to implement the project. The companies will create powerful social infrastructure, including a housing stock, a health-building complex, social projects for every-day and medical services.

Thus, Bulygin noted, “more than 20,000 builders, contractors and managing personnel will inscribe a new chapter in the glorious history of the aluminum industry”.

The Boguchany aluminum plant will be built in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in line with construction of a Boguchany energy and metallurgical Amalgamation (BEMO) – a joint venture of GidroOGK and Russian Aluminium.

Speaking of the project’s ecology, Bulygin noted that according to its ecological specifications, the plant could be built even in the city’s center. “Even the most sophisticated methods of trapping will not be able to identify toxic agents which the factory may produce,” he underlined, assuring that “there will be no problems with ecology”.

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