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17. October 2011

Otto Junker - Heavy-duty melting plant and pouring system for KAMAZ in Russia

Otto Junker - Heavy-duty melting plant and pouring system for KAMAZ in Russia

OTTO JUNKER GmbH have received an order from renowned commercial vehicle manufacturers KAMAZ in Russia for planning, manufacturing and installation of a heavy-duty melting furnace plant (MFT) and a pouring system (RGD) for their foundry in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The induction furnace plant consists of two crucible furnaces with a useful capacity of 25,000 kg and a converter with 15,000 kW.

The converter will be of the proven DUOMELT infinite power distribution design with a rated frequency of 250 Hz.

The scope of supply will include OTTO JUNKER charging machines, state-of-the-art ROBIN exhaust hoods (tiltable in two directions) as well as the OCP crucible monitoring system (Optical Coil Protection). The entire furnace plant will be controlled by the JOKS melting processor.

For preparation of the charge material OTTO JUNKER will supply a heavy-duty cast iron crusher and a blasting system for returns to KAMAZ.

The induction heated pouring system has a useful capacity of 10,000 kg and an inductor rating of 350 kW supplied by state-of-the-art IGBT converter. Mould filling is via by the OTTO JUNKER Teach-in system in connection with an accurate stopper control system.

This order represents another milestone for OTTO JUNKER in the Russian marketplace. We thank Messrs. KAMAZ for the confidence shown in the OTTO JUNKER induction furnace technology.

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