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14. March 2012

Germany Waltenhofen- Request for Payment

With combined efforts, the Waltenhofen casting plant has been able to remain stable. “The first interested individuals are here and we hope that the casting plant will continue on”, reports Carlos Gil 2.of IG- Metal in Kempten. Although it’s paramount to preserve the casting plant and its’ future, one thing is also clear: it’s not so easy to slip away from the former shareholders. “It’s not the market, the team, nor the lack of orders that drove the casting plant into insolvency, just greed and ignorance alone of the former shareholders,” reports Gil.

“Of course it does some good to see that our information was enough for the department of public prosecution in order to investigate fraud charges against Frau Dr. Ruja Ignatova and her father. Nevertheless, we want to ask the former shareholders to repay the money that was taken from the firm,” said Gil. With the handing over of the “request for payment” IG Metals is again making it clear that the fraudulent entrepreneurs can’t flee from their responsibilities.


Sourced from IG Metall

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