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13. October 2012

14th RWTH Aachen Alumni Get-Together in Munich

14th RWTH Aachen Alumni Get-Together in Munich

Visit to the Paulaner-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu Brewery with  beer and refreshments following on July 12, 2012.

Max, our excellent host, tuned us into the history of the brands and other things to know about beer with a film. 600 years of Munich brewing history (with the purity law - which was actually a prohibition) came alove. The tour then continued with many explanations in the Südhaus, in the historical storage cellar, and the brewery museum. We were very impressed with the hall, which had three intertwining bottling paths (Kornes Company). 150,000 bottles an hour are lead from returned bottles to new shipping in a relatively small room.

In the visitors' room in the tower (the elevator indicated 40 meters), we could enjoy an unbelievable panaoramic view of Munich - "it was worth participating just for the view alone". Discussions and a cheerful atmosphere quickly arose during beer and refreshments - all of the types of beer in the place were served . Thanks to Ms. Beldiman for organizing everything ideally, as always! The RWTH Alumni Netowrk in Munich lives - through and for its alumni.

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