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1. A model of success: ecoMetals@The Bright World of Metals  
Date: 10-06-19
... Advanced Energy Industries GmbH, celano GmbH, Himmelwerk Hoch- und Mittelfrequenzanlagen GmbH, OTTO JUNKER GmbH, Kueppers Solutions GmbH, Lechler GmbH, LOI Thermprocess GmbH, TENOVA S.P.A., Schunk GmbH,...  
2. Otto Junker: Modernizing with measure and purpose  
Date: 04-06-19
... reasonably and with measure and purpose, proceeding with caution and a close eye on costs. otto junker gmbh, otto junker, foundry, melting, oven  
3. OTTO JUNKER: Extension of the melting shop at Messrs. Odlewnia Żeliwa Simiński-Ordon in Poczesna, Poland  
Date: 06-08-18
... kg each, Messrs. Odlewnia Żeliwa Simiński-Ordon (www.odlewy.com) have placed an order with Messrs. Otto Junker GmbH for delivery of two additional melting furnace plants with a capacity of 6,000 kg each and a...  
4. The strip flotation furnace – new technology for a growing market  
Date: 05-02-18
... 2014 [2] Ducker Worldwide: Aluminum Content in North American Light Vehicles 2016 to 2028, 2017 OTTO JUNKER GMBH, furnaces, foundry, float strip, north america  
5. Smart energy-efficient water recooling system is successfully employed in induction melting plants  
Date: 07-02-17
... is also suitable for use on other water-cooled thermoprocessing equipment.M. Eng. Michael DahmenOtto Junker GmbH OTTO JUNKER GmbH, water recooling system,OTTO JUNKER GmbH,induction melting plants,induction...  
6. RWTH Awards 2016 Otto Junker Prizes  
Date: 23-01-17
... purpose of the foundation is to support talented researchers and numerous individual projects. OTTO JUNKER GmbH, Otto Junker Foundation,honor students,Technical University of Aachen (RTWH),Daniel...  
7. OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Conversion of all induction furnaces to power-saving coils  
Date: 03-01-17
... two furnaces are to be converted in late July while the third will be rebuilt in early December. OTTO JUNKER GmbH, induction furnaces,power-saving coils,Constellium Extrusion Děčín s.r.o,medium-frequency...  
8. OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Russian company Magnitogorsk Plant Rolls has ordered additional melting furnaces  
Date: 18-12-16
... equipment has by now been shipped to the customer, and its erection was commenced on May 1st OTTO JUNKER GmbH, Magnitogorsk Plant Rolls,melting furnaces,steel,Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works OJSC...  
9. OTTO JUNKER GmbH - New INDUGA series – low-pressure die casting system delivered to customers in Indonesia and China  
Date: 07-12-16
... of brass fittings, adding this new casting machine to the four existing INDUGA-KWC machines. OTTO JUNKER GmbH, INDUGA,low-pressure die casting,Indonesia,china,type 2121,TOTO,Japan,two different...  
10. OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Contract for the core assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner  
Date: 12-10-16
... demonstrates the high machining standards applied in OTTO JUNKER's high-grade steel foundry. OTTO JUNKER GmbH, steel foundry,magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner,Otto Junker,cast aluminium alloy...  
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