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After show report Amerimold 2010

After show report Amerimold 2010:
Successful inaugural event creates strong foundation for the future

The first Amerimold event closed its doors on May 13, 2010 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The inaugural event saw 2,475 registrants from 25 countries and 45 States in three days. The list of participating exhibitors was also very strong. With 193 exhibitors in 22,400 square feet of exhibit space (2081 sqm), attendees experienced vendors representing all elements of the product development lifecycle.

The vast majority of visitors to PDx-Amerimold were from the United States, coming from Ohio (40%), Michigan (12%), Illinois (9%), California (4%), Indiana (4%), Pennsylvania (4%), and Kentucky (4%).  The biggest international visitor countries were Canada, UK, Germany, Mexico and China.

Amerimold is the only event in North America that encompasses the entire product design and development cycle, including tooling and mold manufacturing. The event is organized by DEMAT GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany and Gardner Publications, Inc., Cincinnati. Modeled after, and in partnership with, the highly successful Frankfurt Germany based EuroMold exhibition, Amerimold connected buyers and sellers from all aspects of the product development lifecycle.

Registrants by industry, position and division The breakdown of attendees by industry indicated a strong showing from the automotive industry, with 14.19%.  Other important sectors were medical/dental, 10.2%, consumer products, 9.8%, aerospace, 9.8% defense, 8%, industrial machinery & equipment, 7.7%, appliance, 6.7%, and energy/power generation, 5.6%.

A high number of Amerimold visitors were executives and consequently decision makers including general / corporate management, 11.8%, and product management & sales/product market analysis, 8.1%. Also key to the product development cycle were registrants in these areas: engineer, 14.5%, prototyping and rapid manufacturing, 13.6%, new product research & development, 10.9%, product design, 10.1%, CAD/CAM/CAE operations, 9.5%, and manufacturing production, 9.2%.

Other Amerimold highlights
The Amerimold event was an experience unlike any other in the United States, focused exclusively on product development from ideation to creation.

The unique Amerimold Innovation Center featured GE Aviation, who featured GE90 engine fan blade, the only composite fan blade in commercial aviation history; Students from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning who demonstrated how they conceive, design, develop, and prototype products including automobiles and other consumer products.

The Eureka! Ranch who showed how it helps leading companies to jump start imaginative thinking through its training, seminars, and events, but also how they work to connect developers of innovative products and services with companies and customers through the USA National Innovation Marketplace.

Robust conference tracks on (1.) Trends and Opportunities in Moldmaking, (2.) Additive Manufacturing and (3.) Industrial Design allowed attendees an opportunity for in-depth coverage of the subjects that matter most in these areas.  Plant tours to Makino, Morris Technology and Mazak were also offered. Finally, Workshops allowed for deep coverage of the subjects of mold manufacturing, direct digital manufacturing and the injection molding process.

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