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FBA 24 Turbo - Surface finishing of automotive wheels with turbo effect

Excellent, high gloss surface finishes

The quality standards for the surface finish of automotive aluminum wheels, especially with regard to their luster, have increased significantly in recent years. This applies equally to OEM’s as well as tuning shops. The new Rösler vibratory finishing system FBA 24 Turbo, presented at Metal in Kielce, booth E75, creates a high gloss, mirror finish on the surface of new and used aluminum wheels as well as other automobile and motor bike parts that require a polish.

Compared to conventional machines with dual vibratory motors, the compact FBA 24, specially developed for surface finishing of automotive wheels, increases the finishing performance by up to 120%. The perfect match between machine, compound and grinding & polishing media makes this excellent performance possible.

Nowadays, mirror finishes are a highly attractive optical feature on aluminum wheels. To achieve this desired look on all kinds of wheels, irrespective of how complex their geometrical design may be, Rösler has developed the new vibratory finishing system FBA 24 Turbo. Compared to conventional machines with dual vibratory motors the new FBA 24 Turbo increases the finishing performance by up to 120%, practically cutting processing
times into half. Not only wheels but also other parts mounted under the hood or in other sections of a vehicle, either made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum, can be processed in the FBA 24 to achieve a high gloss surface finish. The new finishing systems are  equipped with sophisticated controls which, for example, allow running a finishing process at night without the need for any operator presence.

Refurbishment of used wheels made easy
Irrespective of the surface condition of the used wheels, the process parameters for cut-down, fine grinding and high gloss polishing in the FBA 24 Turbo can be set in a manner that guarantees the desired high gloss surface finish. The robust vibratory motor with its infinitely variable rotary speed can be adjusted to any finishing task and to practically any
geometrical wheel design found in the market.

The Rösler all-round package
When it comes to finishing of automotive wheels, Rösler offers not only equipment with the best performance but also top quality grinding & polishing media as well as compounds
developed and manufactured in-house. Design criteria for these products include not only
performance characteristics but also environmental considerations. For example, our compounds allow the recycling of the process water which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a considerable amount of costs.

High-end finishes for wheels produced in high volumes
For new wheels produced in high volumes the FBA 24 is exclusively utilized for fine grinding and high gloss polishing. The pre-grinding (“cut-down”) of the wheels - usually taking about 30 – 50 minutes – is done in the patented Rösler plunge finishing systems.
In our demonstration center in Untermerzbach we offer the possibility to run finishing trials with the FBA 24. Of course, Rösler also offers surface finishing solutions for wheels that are larger than 24 inches.

As an all-round supplier, Rösler GmbH is an international market leader in the production of surface finishing, shot blasting machines, painting systems and preservation lines  as well as process technology for the rational surface finishing (deburring, descaling, sand removal, polishing, grinding…) of metals and other components. Besides the German plants in Untermerzbach and Bad Staffelstein, the Rösler Group has branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and USA.

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