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FerroPem presents SphérixPlus® : a new revolution against Chunky graphite !

FerroPem is proud to announce the launch on the market of 3 new inoculants ! It has been more than 25 years since a new inoculant was fully developed and launched on the market… the last one was Spherix®… already by FerroPem (called PEM at that time).

Today we present you one of these three new inoculants : Spherix+® (or SpherixPlus®) !

This inoculant is based on a complete new chemistry elaborated and patented by FerroPem.

Spherix+® has been developed for Ductile Iron only and has several main advantages : to improve nodule counts & to improve nodularity (up to 98%). But the main and very innovative advantage is : this product has a very powerful effect against Chunky Graphite for heavy section castings as for thin section castings too. The well-balanced chemistry designed, and again patented, by FerroPem Research Laboratory, in collaboration with our own metallurgists, is a brand new revolution for foundries.

Several customers linked to heavy section castings production, and located worldwide, already tested and approved Spherix+®.

Combined with a good preconditioning inoculant, such as Inobar®, the effect of Spherix+® is even more powerful !

Spherix+® is available in grains and/or in stream granulometry, packed upon customer demand in big bag, drums or paper bags.

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