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Materials for Automotive Lightweighting - Confirmed speaker at 44th FARO Meeting |10-11 March 2016 - Museo Ferrari, Maranello Italy

The latest on:
A comparison between sheet metal, cast iron, aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre composites
Klaus Decking - Head of New Business Development and Marketing, Communication & Services, Georg Fischer Automotive

Get the answers to your questions at the 44th FARO Meeting!

On day 1

  • Decision drivers and challenges for European OEMs
  • The European and worldwide market scenario after the Volkswagen case
  • What are the key issues for car makers to achieve CO2 emissions target?
  • Lightweighting projects: the state of the art
  • Sustainability: a must for the sector. Tomorrow: electric and hybrid vehicles?

On day 2
Updates and in-depth analysis on:

  • Global Economy under Chinese influence
  • Commodity Market Trends after the bottom
  • Price Dynamics
  • Risk Management Strategies to protect industrial margin


Meet us at the Museo Ferrari at Maranello... where the public meets Ferrari!


The 44th FARO Meeting is dedicated to Managers and Engineers from OEMs, Material Suppliers, Tier 1 component suppliers, Recycling Companies.

In addition to the FARO Club Partners, CPO, BUYERS, SUPPLY CHAIN DIRECTORS, ENTREPRENEURS and CEO representing companies that produce, process or use non-ferrous metals and steel as well as operators in the energy, food and green-economy sectors.

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You can participate in the whole Meeting, or in one of the two available modules. Choose what's the best for your business!

Source: FARO

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