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New brand positioning announced for 94-year old manufacturer

Modern Equipment in Port Washington, WI, announced a new brand positioning statement with the release of an updated website and suite of product literature: ThinkModern.  The new positioning statement will be shared with customers and employees over the next several weeks.

For customer’s, ThinkModern encourages Modern’s customers to look ahead, embrace technology, invest in new energy saving equipment, and utilize the available tools and products that Modern Equipment has to offer.

Internally, for employees, the new positioning is designed to reenergize the growing organization’s day-to-day work-life. “We’re encouraging functional teams to use a ThinkModern mindset everyday.  From new product development to the daily processes we employ to serve our customers,” said Jim Winistorfer, President & Head Coach of Modern Equipment.

“In our literature and online communications, with the use of historical photos and current artwork and photography, we created some really unique visuals by illustrating the comparison between old and new helping our customers and employees see the need to think in a different way, to ThinkModern,” said Winistorfer.

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