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The tiger in the niche of customized components

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The tiger in the niche of customized components

Indian suppliers on the European Aluminium market

The India Primary aluminum production with 1.35Mio.t (2009) has a share of 8 % at over all worldwide primary aluminum production.

Sufficient bauxite and coal deposits in India, which is necessary for energy are the back bone for the primary production, which is the lowest cost production world wide of primary aluminum . The Indian demand on primary aluminum in India will rise by 6.5 till 7.5 % in 2010.

The per capita consumption of aluminum in India with 1.3 kg/ person is very low compared to other partly developed or fully developed countries. This will have a strong positive impact on the future growth in Indian aluminum industry.

Per Capita consumption of Aluminium in Kg for various industrial nations

The demand of aluminum is mainly to find in following India industrial sectors:

  • Packaging Industry 9 %
  • Construction Industry 15 %
  • Transport Industry ( air / rail/ automotive ) 17 %
  • Electrical Industry 39 %
  • Machine & Equipment Industry 4 %
  • Durable Consumables 16 %

The aluminum downstream industry has strongly developed in the following India industrial zones:

  • Mumbai
  • Pune/ Aurangabad
  • New Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Coimbatore

The aluminum demand developed in the downstream process as follows:




52600 tpy



184100 tpy



223550 tpy



302450 tpy

Wire & rod production


552300 tpy

Rolled products, as wire & rods mainly are produced in the vertical group structure of the primary producers.

On the contrary we find small and mid size companies in the following downstream processes:

  • Casting
  • Extrusion
  • Forging

In this edition of our Aluminium Info India we want to give a report about the India Aluminium Casting Industry

Die casting, gravity casting and sand casting are the main aluminum casting processes in India.

302.000 t plus 25-30 % secondary are casted mainly going to the die casting sector.

The die casting production plays a major role in over- all aluminum casting industry. Besides 8 big sized die casters we find several hundreds mid size die casters and 130 that are worthwhile mentioning. The booming industry never the less suffered under extreme competition price pressure and lot of them trying to find a solution in exports but only some of those are ready in quality and technical approach to go the export route. Here the US and Europe are the main export regions for the India Aluminum industry.

The bigger, aluminum die casting companies cater to automotive industry. This industry is doing very well in India. They have often full load capacities, high cost structures, long decision ways and under average productivity. We do not recommend these companies for exports to Europe. Moreover these companies have high overheads and are not cost competitive for Europe supplies.

From the midsize aluminum casting companies, we choose companies with strong technical, quality and management standards. We find that these companies have supply performance to fulfill European customer requirements with short bid submission, flexible in engineering and / or commercial changes. Quality certificates (ISO9001:2000/ISO9001:2008/ISOTS16949:2002) are self evident.

The cost advantage of the country has a direct effect along the whole contribution chain of the component. Furthermore INDIA EUROPE AL has only contracts with one stop partners with the whole process chain within the chosen supplier (CAD/CAM/Tooling/casting/ CNC/ surface/assembling).

Component development, 2 D, 3 D CAD drawings or models are welcome or could be developed.

Even in due consideration of transport costs and import duties we offer cost advantages that will be very interesting on European markets and will help to raise competiveness of your own products.

We get all EN AC standard casting alloys from India market and a clean melting process & control by our suppliers. This is most desirable for Europe customers.

Of course it is essential to choose the India supplier precisely, depending on component size, contribution chain and surface requirement; this choice should be under standard criteria. Any order gets the attention of an engineer who is available in India, knows work mentality, and the industry.

This is the core competence of INDIA EUROPE AL, to get your foot- hold into India Aluminum Industry.

We know your right supply partner in the India Aluminium Industry, we mediate capacities, we accompany your orders and/ or we help to set up the whole supply chain in India reading your aluminum component/ construction to source on India market.



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