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The winners of the Innovation Award Metef 2010

The winners of the Innovation Award Metef 2010

The Jury selected the winners among about 30 proposals.
7 prizes and 7 special mentions have been given

This morning the prizegiving cerimony of the 1st edition of the Innovation Award Metef 2010 has been held. The Jury assigned 3 unique first prizes, 4 ex-aequo prizes and 7 special mentions for the different sections of the award.


Winner:S.M.A.C. Santino Mafessoni Aluminium Consulting for an aluminium billet production process without homogenization.

S.M.A.C. presented an innovative system for the extrusion billets production, with micro structural features optimized by electromagnetic induction. The Innovation Award for the Materials category intends to highlight the S.M.A.C.  capability to apply metallurgical innovative concepts, knowing how to integrate it into the efficiency needs and costs specific for the extrusion industry.



Ex-aequo winners:Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa - Breda Division for a horizontal extrusion multifunction press and D.M.F. Srl for a new concept diecasting machine.

Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche - Breda Division is winner of the award for an extrusion press featuring significant innovative content from the perspective of plant engineering, aimed at optimising the industrial production cycle. Particularly worthy of mention is an original device consisting of two containers arranged transversely in relation to the extrusion axis, which, in addition to housing billets, are equipped with a cutting system for the back of the billet to be discarded. These new solutions enable higher productivity in extrusion as well as significant reductions in both fixed and variable costs.


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Giuseppe Angelo Costa (2nd right) and Giovanni Meneghetti (3rd right)

D.M.F. developed, designed and built a 2 level diecasting machine completely innovative in terms of technological solutions, compactness, safety and efficiency. The granting of the Innovation Award for the category Machines and Plants intends to highlight D.M.F.'s creativity and spirit of initiative, which have lead to potentially revolutionary results for the entire sector of diecasting light alloys.


Special Mention goes to Agrati AEE for an energy saving hot chamber diecasting machine.

Agrati has included in its production a series of solutions and incremental developments aimed at improving efficiency and energy savings in the diecasting sector. The special mention given to Agrati for the Machines and Plants category seeks to highlight their ability to innovate their product, having as reference the increasingly pressing demands for efficiency coming from the industrial sector of reference.




Ex-aequo winners:C.I.E. - Compagnia Italiana Ecologia Srl with the innovative Phoenix Process e Tube Tech Machinery Srl for an innovative laser welding process.

CIE - Compagnia Italiana Ecologia, with the patented Phoenix process demonstrates a clear ability to innovate and industrialize the chemical - physical treatment of the aluminium extrusion die cleaning baths. This innovation has the great merit of contributing effectively to reducing the environmental impact, and the consumption of energy and natural resources with respect to traditional pickling processes. In addition, this innovation opens up the possibility of use in other aluminium alloy finishing processes.


Special mention for the process technologies section goes to Baraldi Lubrificanti Srl, International Chips Srl, Texer Design Snc and Ecoss Srl.

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Dott. Cosimo Raone / R&D Manager

Baraldi Lubrificanti has developed and patented an integrated system of physical and computer technologies that can detect the surface temperatures of the dies used in casting of aluminium alloys. This innovation makes it possible to optimise the lubrication process adopted to allow the removal of products.  In particular it is possible to control the thermal dynamics of the dies, with significant improvements in the reliability of the production process and reduction of the consumption of energy and natural resources.


Special mention goes also to International Chips for an interesting tumbling technique for metal materials based on the use of plastic abrasives. The distinguishing characteristic of this technique is the fact that water is not necessary as it is in the traditional techniques of vibratory finishing. In this manner the problems related to sludge management which is both costly and hazardous are eliminated.


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Tiziano Dal Cin

Texer Design presented a selective laser fusion system for the mould insertion production with improved thermal features, in order to optimize the time cycle and the casting process control. The reference given to Texer Design for the Process Technology category intends to enhance the constant attention of the company towards evenmore efficient management of the casting cycle.






Winner:Proservice Srl, for a web-based platform for the control of the metallurgical process.

Starting from experiences gained in the cast iron field, Proservice has developed an advanced tool for the control of aluminium foundry processes based on the design of cooling curves. The Innovation Award for the category Control Technologies seeks to highlight the efforts made by Proservice to equip the foundry world with tools to ensure repeatability of processes and product reliability.


Jodovit has developed, in the sphere of the technologies related to its field, a system optimised for the management of release agents used in die casting. The special mention given to Jodovit in the Control Technologies category seeks to highlight the company's continuous attention to issues of efficiency and environmental compatibility in the casting sector.



Winner:Enginsoft Spa, for an innovative technological tool for the advanced design of aluminium alloy castings.

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The Booth from MAGMA / Enginsoft

Enginsoft has produced, profiting also from qualified partnerships developed in the context of research projects funded by the European Union, a software tool for the integrated design of highly reliable cast components, especially for the automotive industry. The Innovation Award for the Products, Components and Systems category seeks to valorise the fully engineering approach that Enginsoft has made available in the aluminium and magnesium alloys casting sector.


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