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27. February 2012

PS Auto Grinding Limited, market leading suppliers...

...of Automatic Cutting and Fettling Machines to currently 16 countries in the extended European region are pleased to announce that it has formally appointed five new Business Partners.

These new regions are;

  • UK and Ireland
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Egypt and North Africa

Paul Smith, Founder and Managing Director of PSAG Group states: " We are finding that foundries, even those with low labour costs, are being demanded by end users, particularly, but not exclusively, automotive suppliers, to produce a final product that is consistent and right first time, every time.

We have seen demand from foundries in both higher and lower labour cost zones who state consistent quality and safety as important as, of course, saving money. The appointment of our new Business Partners allows far closer links with these markets."

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