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RWP (WinCast expert) celebrates its 30th anniversary and presented to the user meeting the new user interface

RWP started in 1984 under the management of Dr.-Ing. Konrad Weiss in Roetgen based near Aachen. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of simulation software for metalcasters.

98 participants and guests celebrated on 13 and 14 November 2014 in Monschau, a city with a long industrial history and typical half-timbered houses near the German border with Belgium. The celebration of the thirty-year anniversary took place concomitantly to the regularly scheduled meeting user. For 30 years, RWP is one of the top manufacturers for the foundry industry with the simulation software WinCast. Especially the high accuracy based on the method of finite elements and the repeatedly praised by many users very customer-oriented service are the reason to the success of WinCast.

The company is today 18 employees, and offices and subsidiaries in the United States, China, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium and India represented locally worldwide. With the software usually be simulated casting and heat treatment processes for components as well as tools. This is possible for all standard casting processes like sand casting, die casting, investment casting, gravity die casting, Low pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting, but also for welding or heat treatment as well as for special processes.

How powerful the software is, it became clear during the two-day user meetings based on the lectures of Zollern Soest, the UTG Munich, PinterGuss, Kessler & Co, Lovink Technocast and Rheinfelden Alloys. The very informative mixture of lectures encouraged to detailed discussions in the auditorium and during breaks. Above all, the preliminary presentation of the new user interface, which WinCast and the software Experto, which some time ago integrated into the company, finally united and many innovative new features includes, aroused great interest among the participants. In the opinion of several participating users, this new frontend promises a very structured and easy to use. Further features will add the competitive advantage, fast computation time, for example a choice to focus on filling and solidification or solidification and stresses to place early.

The evening event was also a highlight, which began with a guided tour for the participants through Monschau and then the guests atmospheric and with lots of rhythm accompanied with a musical dinner for the evening. Performances of ABBA, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth, and other famous musicals gave a varied program together with a review of the history and in a second part of an outlook on the future of RWP. Under the motto, RWP.NEW could guess how much it is to expect in the near future of RWP and WinCast expert.

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