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EF GROUP - Foundry of the Week

EF GROUP has roots far back in time. In fact, Mr. Enrico Frigerio, great grandfather of the latest generation now in the company, started the activity in the foundry in 1924.

The Frigerio family, over the course of almost a century, managed to move from a creative small craft locally oriented to a highly automatized and specialized industrial production aimed at the European market. At first, they increased skills and customers of the parent company Fonderia di Torbole Spa. On the strength of a clear market and product strategy, which has developed over the last twenty years, the family then vertically integrated the company, with the subsidiary EF Automotive Spa, specialized in machining, therefore placing themselves among the first European Automotive OEM producers of brake discs and drums.

The solidity of the company and an efficient and highly capable management allowed the Frigerio family also to face new challenges: a few years ago the purchase of Fond-Stamp in Cuneo - a foundry specialized in the manufacture of moulding dies in steel and cast iron mainly for the automotive industry - and recently, through Pilenga Baldassarre Foundry srl, a company created ad-hoc,  the take-over of  Fonderia Pilenga Baldassarre in Lallio-Bergamo – a foundry operating in different market areas.    

Nowadays, with four companies, 150.000 yearly delivered tons, 600 employees and a turnover of €150 million, EF GROUP is the first Italian group in the field and, with over 65% of export, also covers an important role in the European scenario.

The new challenge facing EF group, and maybe the hardest, is now the globalization, always bearing in mind the social, safety and environmental responsibility, matters always of particular importance to the Frigerio family.

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