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GER - Aluminum industry severely affected by Corona: appeal from industry to politics

General meeting of the general association of the aluminum industry e. V. (GDA) on September 16, 2020 reflects drama

At this year's general assembly of the GDA, which took place for the first time as a digital event, the GDA also repositioned itself in terms of personnel. Leopold Werdich, Managing Director of TUBEX Holding, was elected as the new Vice President of the GDA. He succeeds Mr. Oliver Höll, who resigned his mandate in the spring. Frank Busenbecker, managing director of Erbslöh Aluminum GmbH, was elected as the new chairman of the trade association for semi-finished aluminum products. Dieter Höll (Constellium) is his new deputy.

The President of the GDA, Dr. Hinrich Mählmann (OTTO FUCHS KG) emphasized: “Mr. Werdich and Mr. Busenbecker have been heavily involved in the GDA for years. With both gentlemen, the breadth of our industry is also excellently represented in the association's management bodies. "

The defining theme of the sessions was the pandemic and the global crisis that followed. The aluminum industry already experienced a significant slump in the first half of 2020. The bottom seemed to have been reached at the end of the summer break: the call-off numbers from important customer industries have at least stabilized compared to the massive slumps in spring. This is especially true for the automotive industry, which shut down production in the second quarter. There has been a sharp decline in aircraft construction.

President Dr. Hinrich Mählmann emphasized: "This crisis will lead to an even more massive recession than the financial crisis of 2008/2009." The President warned: The German government reacted quickly with its rescue packages, but the industry also needs a forward strategy. The crisis must not be used to politically rearrange industry into “politically wanted” and “no longer wanted”.

President Mählmann warned that the recent slight recovery was no cause for euphoria. The production level of German vehicle manufacturers this year and next will not be adequate for the entire supply chain. And there are currently still no strong impulses from other user industries.

The President welcomed the decision of the European Commission to impose anti-dumping duties on profiles from China: “The German aluminum industry does not have to fear any competitor. But the rules of the game must be observed worldwide. That is not the case in China. "

It would now be important to present the solution competence of the material and our company for the tasks of the present and future. "Aluminum is and will remain the material of the future."

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