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IDRA secures first order for an 8000t die casting cell - Riccardo Frerrario: This is a milestone for light metal casting

As Riccardo Ferrario, General Manager of IDRA, announced in a press conference on March 16, 2021, IDRA has fixed the first order for an 8000t die casting cell.

The machine with the unbelievable clamping force of 8000t is to be delivered to a leading automobile manufacturer for the construction of large structural parts.

The die-cast parts will be chassis parts for larger vehicles such as pick-ups, small trucks and SUVs, a clear signal for Ferrario to the die-casting industry and the automobile manufacturers to use the advantages of IDRA technology.

This is a milestone for the industry, a clearly proud Riccardo Ferrario says and thanks the trust of the customers and for the performance of his engineers.

"The development work has gone into this for several years - now the start has been made for a new way of thinking in die casting".

See the full statement in the video on the right 



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