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25 years' RTE and Eigenfrequency measurement

and nodularity testing of cast iron for China

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On 13th January 1986 the firm RTE Gesellschaft für Datenerfassung in der Technik mbH was entered in the companies' register.  For 25 years the company - re-named RTE Akustik + Prüftechnik in 1988 - has dedicated itself to quality control in production and development using acoustic testing procedures.

As so often, the pioneer in this field was the automotive industry, in particular the firms Audi and Webasto.

Since this time a lot has changed in technology, but not the principle:


For 25 years now RTE has been a guarantee for innovation and reliability - and would like to thank all its present customers, while also looking forward to those who intend to become our business partners in the future!

Testing of cast iron for China

In the People's Republic of China the vertical range of manufacture in the automotive industry is increasing and thus of course also the need for modern measuring and testing technology. Through its Chinese marketing partners, RTE has supplied a semi-automatic facility for checking the cast iron quality for chassis parts and brake components.

The operator loads the two independent test fixtures and then starts the fully automatic testing.  Due to the exchangeable fixtures, the plant is extremely flexible and can be modified to deal with a new type of test object in just a few steps.  Easy handling and clear visualization ensure that no high demands are made on the operating staff.

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