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2a: Technological Passion in High Pressure Diecasting

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2A is a private global group that, thanks to its technological passion, wants to spread the use of aluminum high pressure die casted components in the objects surrounding us.

Such passion brought 2A to launch many R&D programs and to study and integrate new technologies, which allowed depositing several patterns, becoming the largest Italian high-pressure-die-casting foundry and becoming a complete first tier supplier, capable of delivering completely tested functions, ready to be-assembled in the OEM’s lines.

Nowadays 2A, thanks to the long experience acquired during the years working as an automotive first tier supplier, arrived to develop competences, which can really make the difference:

  • massive investments in R&D
  • global presence (Europe, North America, Asia), which commercial agreements in South America and Middle East
  • extended (from 220Tons to 4500Tons) and largest set of private owned HPDC casting cells (7>2.500Tons)
  • dedicated machining plant, fully automatized
  • dedicated assembling plant, fully automatized
  • capabilities of producing structural castings.

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Company Info

2A spa

Via Asti, 67/bis
10026 Santena (TO)

Telephone: +39 011 94 96 148