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300 MW offshore wind power in Canada

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc will develop Canada’s first offshore wind farm.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">The 300 MW offshore wind farm has been awarded a feed-in tariff contract by the Ontario Power Authority.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">The site is located west of Wolfe Island, Ontario on approximately 48,000 acres of shallow water shoals.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Windstream Energy</font><font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"> has also been advised that its 10 onshore wind projects, totalling 745 MW, have been placed in the Economic Connection Test queue for future review. The first such test is scheduled for August/September.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Ian Baines, President of Windstream Energy, says: “The 300 MW offshore Wolfe Island site will create hundreds of jobs for the Province of Ontario and the local municipalities.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">“Wolfe Island is one of the windiest areas of the province and has proven local support for wind development.”</font>

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