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AMTS 2011 International Automotive Manufacturing Technologies & Materials Show

16.-19.08.2011 in Shanghai - China

Since 2004,Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technologies & Materials Show(AMTS) will been exhibited the application and innovation between automotive materials and design, automotive manufacturing techniques and equipment, automotive assembly and quality, automotive engineering and service, etc., and is a grand event for full exhibition of innovative products and advanced concepts in the automobile manufacturing technology.

With exhibitior numbers holding steady and a double digit growth of AMTS2010, adding that not only the quantity of exhibitors was up year on year. But that there had also been a “marked increase in quality”,New records also marking the No. 1 leading show of its kind in Asia.  "Automotive Engineering Area" & "Powertrain Design and Manufacturing Area" appear at the this exhibition for the first time and are the newly opened exhibiting area co-sponsored by China Automobile Industry Engineering Corporation (AE) and China Machine Tool & Special Equipment Company!

Highlight topics once again sparkled the show,setting new trends for AMTS2011

  • Automobile Material and Design Area
  • Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
    (AFTL) Agile Flexible Transfer Line (AFTL) of Powertrain
    Metal Cutting / Forming Technology and Equipment
    Auto Mold Design and Manufacturing
    Interior Parts Design and Manufacturing
  • Bodywork Technology and Equipment
    Punching/Welding/Painting/Assembly production line
    technology and Equipment
    Lightweight Structure Technology and Equipment
    Industrial Robots
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Quality Control and Assembly Technology
  • Electric Vehicle Technology

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