70 Years of Joint Serial Innovation, Partnership and Friendship

This week we celebrated 70 years of partnership with our friends from Swedish company KGK!


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In 1946 Knut-Göran Knutsson, a Swedish engineer, established his engineering firm KG Knutsson AB (KGK) with five employees. This formed the foundation of the KGK Group. Already in 1950 KGK sold a 2-stroke engine produced by Karl Schmidt’s Kolbenschmidt from Neckarsulm, Germany, to the Swedish bicycle manufacturer Nymanbolagen. In 1953 a formal partnership agreement is signed between KGK and the predecessor of today’s KS HUAYU AluTech Group. Many projects of superlatives and pathbreaking innovations follow:       

  • First four-cylinder engine block in HPDC for the customer, including a greenfield aluminum foundry of the customer who transitioned from grey iron casting to lightweight and energy efficient aluminum.  One of the largest industrial projects in Sweden at that time!       
  • First molded-in steel liners jointly with Federal-Mogul Powertrain. Dramatically improving production efficiency and product reliability. An enormous innovation in high-volume automotive series production.
  • Development of Flextools for HPDC of engine blocks, dramatically improving tooling cost and manufacturing efficiency. An outstanding innovation, again, for high-volume automotive series production.

Source: KS Huayu AluTech Group