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7th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2010

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>7th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2010</strong></font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Date</strong>: September 16th, 2010&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><strong>Venue</strong>: Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao, China&nbsp;&nbsp; </font><font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"></font><font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">&nbsp;&nbsp; </font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Sponsors<br></strong>China Foundry Suppliers Union (CFSU)<br>Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (SC)</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Co-sponsor</strong>: National Technical Committee on Foundry of Standardization Administration of China</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Organizer</strong>: Suppliers China Information Consultation Co., Ltd. (SC)</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Supporting Media</strong>: FOUNDRY, CHINA FOUNDRY (English Edition), Special Casting &amp; Nonferrous Alloys, Modern Cast Iron, China Foundry Machinery &amp; Technology, Research Studies on Foundry Equipment, Foundry Trade Journal, Foundry-Planet, Casting Area,&nbsp; Foundry Gate,&nbsp; KCI,&nbsp; CFN</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Conference purpose is to establish a communication and trading platform for global casting purchasers and Chinese casting suppliers.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Seminar: opportunities are provided for the buyers to make purchasing explanations, and the suppliers to hold products promotion seminars.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">Attendees will be global buyers who are sourcing casting products and all casting suppliers who have their own factories in the Chinese mainland. </font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong>6th FSC</strong>: about 260 attendees including more than 100 buyers and more than 160 suppliers in the foundry industry.</font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"><strong><u>At the FSC, you will find</u></strong>:</font>

  • <font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">Professional foundry sourcing buyers from Europe, North America and Japan, etc. </font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">Possibility of talking with several purchasers face-to-face at the same time. </font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">Professional casting purchasers more efficiently than in traditional shows. </font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">Quality orders and increased profit. </font>
  • <font size="2" face="Arial,sans-serif">Opportunities to contact with overseas purchasers directly. </font>

<font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2">For more information: </font><font face="Arial,sans-serif" size="2"></font>

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