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8th parts2clean

8th Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning in the Production and Maintenance Processes with the World’s Most Comprehensive Offerings

Top Performance for Parts and Surface Cleanliness

Neuffen – Parts and surface cleaning – an issue of critical importance for quality in practically all sectors of the manufacturing industries, as well as in maintenance and remanufacturing. This has led to much stricter cleanliness requirements in recent years. And thus the financial and human resources required for cleaning can only be kept within reasonable bounds by means of a cleaning concept that’s well matched to actual needs. The 8th parts2clean will present the world’s most comprehensive range of solutions for cost-effective, ecologically efficient and reproducible parts cleaning at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre (Germany) from the 12th through the 14th of October, 2010.

In manufacturing and for the maintenance of machines, equipment and tooling, as well as for remanufacturing, it’s the task of industrial cleaning to assure the specified levels of cleanliness required for further processing or error-free functioning. And ever stricter requirements have to be fulfilled in the face of simultaneously rising cost pressure. Companies are thus confronted with the question: How can parts or surface cleaning be executed economically, and in accordance with the stipulated requirements? Answers will by provided by the exhibitors at parts2clean, leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production and maintenance processes, in the form of new solutions and further developments.

Innovative Developments Throughout the Entire Process Sequence
Regardless of whether cleaning tasks in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor or food industries, in the fields of machinery and equipment manufacturing, medical engineering, photovoltaics, aviation and aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics, precision mechanics and precision engineering, or maintenance and remanufacturing are involved, thanks to its comprehensive offerings parts2clean makes it possible for users from any sector to gather information on the ideal solution for their applications. “A large percentage of the exhibiting companies take advantage of the leading international trade fair to present new products and services, as well as further developments”, reports Hartmut Herdin, managing director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH. These include, for example, a dual lane, compact through-feed system for cleaning workpieces of various size and shape. The system is equipped with a spraying and drying module which can be freely programmed and adjusted for each lane. A rotating, hot-air drying system will be exhibited as a world’s first which, in addition to greatly reducing process times, also makes a significant contribution to improved efficiency. And the exhibitors will offer innovative products in the field of plasma and CO2 cleaning technology too, as well as in the area of cleaning agents. They’ll also present new possibilities for a task which is becoming more and more important in many industries, namely inspecting and documenting cleanliness (for example in accordance with VDA 19), including a solution for 3D measurement of particulates. Innovative developments in the fields of filtration, purification technology and automation technology also promote additional economy and process reliability Where corrosion protection, preservation and packaging of cleaned workpieces and surfaces are concerned, exhibitors from the COROSAVE product category will offer a broad range of solutions. These assure that parts are protected in a requirements oriented fashion based on actual quality specifications and made available in this condition for the next process step, for assembly or for final use.

parts2clean, leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production and maintenance processes, will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre (Germany) from the 12th through the 14th of October, 2010, and will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list are available at

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