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ABP presents the new LFS induction furnace

LFS for melting and holding iron and non-ferrous

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The specialist for <link _top>induction melting and heating offers solid engineering at a particularly good price/performance ratio with its new LFS series.

The LFS is suitable for <link _top>melting and <link _top>holding <link _top>iron and non-ferrous. ABP offers the LFS <link _top>furnace in four different sizes with <link _top>capacity of 10, 20, 30 or 40 tons.

The LFS is supplied in standard compatible packages with <link _top>power supply and control units. ABP has provided the greatest possible flexibility in <link _top>power supply technology. The IGBT modules, each with an individual output of 750 Kilowatts, can be interconnected by means of intelligent plug-in technology. This enables an output of up to 3 Megawatts to be achieved with IGBT technology. Options are available for Thyristor (SCR) Technology converters above 2 Megawatts.

The LFS has an open cage construction for easy <link _top>maintenance and is characterised by the stable, energy-efficient coil with high strength and a long service life. The LFS is designed with proven reliable components that have been used for many years. The benefits are obvious: With the use of standard reliable components, ABP can provide fast and reliable support.

The advantages of the new model have already convinced the first customers, even before the official market launch: The first LFS was ordered by "Changzhou Zhuorun Ltd.", a reputable manufacturer of <link _top>castings for the production of wind power plants. The first <link _top>furnace is to be supplied in August 2008.





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