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Abrasive cut-off machine TSF 500 M for cut-off grinding of investment castings

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This year, Reichmann Casting Finishing has already designed and manufactured seven abrasive cut-off machines from manual to fully automatic solutions according to customer orders. In addition to highly automated solutions, machines that can still be operated manually in modern, cost-effective production facilities. The advantages of the solution that has been reduced to the bare essentials come into play especially when smaller batch sizes are to be processed.

Reichmann TSF-500 M - the "manual" for cutting investment castings
With the manual abrasive cut-off machine TSF 500 M, all kinds of investment castings can be efficiently separated from sprue systems. The TSF 500 M is a cost-efficient and compact alternative to the fully automatic cutting system, especially for processing smaller batch sizes. Despite the high cutting power of 45 kW in the dry cutting process, the machine is very compact and therefore requires little space. The completely encapsulated work area reduces noise emissions and guarantees a high level of work safety. With the help of a spark pre-separator, coarse dust and spark particles are effectively separated. The use of the Reichmann TSF 500 M cut-off machine promotes a further humanization of workplaces.

Intuitive machine operation
The stationary abrasive cut-off machine has adaptable joysticks for use in the harshest of environments. These enable particularly sensitive separating cuts. The operator is supported with a laser line as a cutting aid on the workpiece surface as well as semi-automatic positioning processes. Operation is intuitive and does not require any special prior knowledge.

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